a piercing, of sorts

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people should treat love
more like they treat
other people's piercings.

oh my god, you actually did it.

it looks really nice... did it hurt?

does it hurt?

how long will it hurt for?

it's red and bruised--
does it throb?
wake you up in the middle of the night
screaming with the agony you inflicted on yourself
with a tiny gun pointed
straight at your head?

then more people would learn that

it throbs with flustered bloody heat
and aches like i need to clamp
my hand over it to stop
any more harm coming to
this open wound that i created
just for decoration
because i am too plain on my own.

yes it will hurt for a while
but soon the pain will fade
into a perfectly formed bullet hole
that only bleeds when i push at it
too hard

and when i lie awake at night
it is not because the pain is unbearable
but it is because i can't help but wonder
what made me do it and
why i don't regret it

and at this point everyone could realise
that perhaps perforating one's self
is not done to harm and take away,
not to rebel or make a point,
but to make room for more
something more
that will make us feel more
like ourselves
or at least the selves
we want to be.

Created: Mar 18, 2014


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