Silent Auction

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i only listen to myself


if seeing's believing

then hearing is seeing

i see all the good times

and none of the bad

by stretching and pulling

my goodness to witness

you spent all those good times

you spent what you had


i only listen to myself


the pauper has spoken

the plates are all broken

by dancing on shoestrings

no budget to share

to tiptoe around them

would be breaking the silence

which deafens the kittens

and leaves my heart bare


i only listen to myself


what was once just reflected

is melting like soapflakes

you left on your driveway

and terraces bare

you could well to the service

to your country and kingdom

to listen to witness

of the maidens who dared


i only listen to myself

Created: Mar 18, 2014

Tags: jazz, song, drums, synth, piano, bass

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