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[title cont: ...A 160 YEAR OLD LEPRECHAUN]

 It seems St. Patrick's Day is coming early this October for Rougery O'Brien. A man who looks to be in his late sixties is claiming to be a one hundred sixty year old leprechaun. The only real signs of that being true are the facts that O'Brien is a little over four feet tall and speaks with an Irish accent. Rougery O'Brien just moved to Westminster from Finksburg, the locals there say: "Rougery was a kind man who was just lost." His new next door neighbor Keith Wyman explained his experience in meeting Rougery O'Brien. He said: "I figured he was a dwarf and when he came out and told who he really was, I thought he was senile."

 Sources tried to find evidence of a birth certificate, but couldn't find anything. We also tried to find family members, a spouse, or chuldren, but Rougery is last of his breed. Some sources say he was born in Ireland and was an only child. They also say that he moved to America with his parents when Irish immigrants started coming to America. He was a farm boy in Maryland up until his parents died. He would concentrate the rest of his life on owning and working on his own farm. Rougery eventually retired and sold his farm. He then bought a home in Finksburg until purchasing his current residency in Westminster.

 When asked around town about a significant other or children, local Irish pub owner (will remain anonymous) have said: "I've seen Rougery with a few dates over the years but perhaps the leprechaun talk was a mood killer." Other Finksburg residents say they saw children over his house. "We figured they were his grandkids but they were just kids paid to help him with his housework, probably due to his age and size.The kids were taller than he was and they were ten and eleven.

 Since Rougery is new to Westminster, he's been telling the locals that he's in fact a leprechaun. When paying a visit to him, his home four leaf clovers carved on his door and painted on his shed. The interior of his new home looked like something out of the fantasy section. So it's possible Rougery O'Brien is a modern day Max Shreck. Max Shreck was a European actor who is a pop icon for playing Count Orloc in the silent horror film, Nosferatu. Shreck was rumored to have lived his life as a vampire and pergaps O'Brien is living his life as a leprechaun. Most of you will probably assume that Rougery O'Brien is just a senile old man but mayble he'll convince someone that he is what he says he is.

Created: Mar 17, 2014


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