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[title cont: ...e Life)]

there are so many lovely, sweet, heartening images and vivid colors in this collab which i am super into, AND i thought it would be cool to explore the "other side" -- after all, there cannot be light without the darkness, and what's a town without a little mysterious history?

shadowy figures, mischievous entities, playful ghosts, inquisitive monsters and all manner of heavy creatures are welcome on this side of Little Town.

i know the old addage goes "the wrong side of town/the tracks" but i don't mean to give the impression of the dark side of things as wrong so i hope that the word "other" can suffice.

KellyMarieDay i just hope you agree with my humble suggestion :-} <3

Created: Mar 17, 2014

Tags: tree hole, dark little life, cave, crag, creature, request, monster, ghost, cavern, nook, mystery, shadows, little town, cranny

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