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I was lacking in friends the day you arrived
so I volunteered to be the one to show you around.
Our friendship might have started out contrived
but sometimes that how it is when you're new in town.
You taught me a great many things about joy,
about being true to yourself, and mostly how to care.
There are numerous talents you inspired me to employ:
you were at my first audition (my mom auditioned on our dare),
we were constantly singing and dancing to everyone's delight,
your father asked our opinion on his storyboards;
There are all those sleepovers we stayed up all night
for those couple of years, how my spirit soared.
                Thank you dear friend for seeing my potential
                long before I ever could; that's way you'll always be my Angel.

Created: Mar 17, 2014

Tags: poetry, metered, non-fiction, prose

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