Innuendo for Kids (Innuendo Collab)

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When our 4 children were...children...we (their mom) tried not to curse in front of them. And we (their mom) tried to instill the value of not cursing. Yet, somehow I sensed they needed an outlet. So I came up with this tiny story for them:

"It started to hail, so I took my ass to the dam."

And they would all giggle, then yell, "Mom, Daddy's cursing again!"

And I would look shocked and say,

"Me? Not me?

There are absolutely no curse words in that sentence.

Hail is just big frozen drops of rain; an ass is a beast of burden; and a dam holds back water.

So, like hell I was cursing...and don't get on my damn ass about it." 

And they would all laugh hysterically.

And their mom would say, "Just ignore your father."

And so on.

Created: Mar 17, 2014


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