Invincible Corpses #2 (REmix)

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Invincible Corpses by Aliahos the Great Byramid

We all are shatterd, broken somehow inside,

and in dream land we travel, leaving our emptiness behind,

through different realms we travel, to different dreams we daily bound,

in search of our happily ever after, but that never seemed sane nor sound,

we have been roaming now for ages, looking and looking all around, 

later to find out, that our hearts, we have been living without,

a soul, two lungs, and a body we own,  

in a time where our minds are not allowed to grow,

some might call us the existing misfortunates, 

when we really are, the invincible corpses!

Created: Mar 17, 2014

Tags: animated gif, remix, empty, vertical, invincible corpses, ghosts, lost, ghost, spirit, black and white, gif, drawing

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