a new hevn (a tiny film/book idea)

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I think given the depth of this story it could be developed into a really great book/film series along the lines of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.


These are my initial thoughts, feel free to expand, disagree or dismiss...


Our Hero (girl or boy) lives in a world much like this one, where more and more pressure seems to be placed on kids to learn the skills necessary to find a job when leaving school at the expense of being allowed to simply be kids and let their imaginations run free.


Our Hero feels out of place, not in tune with the world, a dreamer. S/he befriends an old recluse who turns out to be Hevn and as their relationship develops Hevn shares their secrets with our young Hero.


How the world isn't made of atoms but of tiny stories and how this world is but itself a story created by Hevn and Urth.


But something happened to Urth, who then proceeded to solidify these stories, these myths and fix them in place.


Our Hero tries to convince Hevn to reawaken their creative side. They are reluctant but eventually Hevn does try to create a new myth.


Which is when Urth appears.


Hevn and Urth are old friends - they created this world together - but Urth cannot let Hevn have it's way and so destroys Hevn.


Our Hero is defeated, disillusioned, despondent.


With Hevn now destroyed the world takes a sharp turn for the worse - imagination is not only frowned upon but persecuted and storytellers are rounded up and sent to be ’re-educated’.


Only our Hero can stop Urth. It seems impossible but they manage to by creating a new myth, one never before seen or heard but one that resonates the world over.


Urth is forced to retreat. It may have lost this battle but the war of creation has only just begun.

Created: Mar 17, 2014

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