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I imagine a mixed-up world for desire. Maybe the girl is a fantasy for the guy, but the idea of being a femme fatale is the fantasy for the girl. In real life, she’s shy, quiet. She’s the one sitting at a board meeting not sharing ideas. She’s the one who sits on the sidelines in a club by her lonesome self not dancing (hey, put some dancers around her). But where she thinks she dulls in reality she more than makes up for in her active imagination. She visualizes herself having power that she’s doesn’t find within herself in reality, and then transforms in her mind.

So, the guy is trying to get the girl for who she really is; the girl is trying to become the catch she thinks she has to be. He wants her for the real her, but she thinks she needs to make changes to appeal to him. By the end, nobody gets what they want -- talk about a loss! ;)

For this to feel even more 80s’ authentic, which is what I'm hoping the look of it maintains, we gotta mix the cartoon with real people. And here’s where I get stuck on making the transition. Perhaps, the girl starts out as real and dreams about the cartoon version. Or maybe only the guy sees her as her real self, everyone else doesn't see her at all, & she sees herself as the cartoon. 

These are just my rough ideas. Hope some of them make enough sense to inspire further development.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated. So, what do you think?

Created: Mar 16, 2014

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