For the one I once loved...

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Me and you, in a feild, just laying there, my hand resting atop of yours, we gently turn ours heads to eachother and let out a light smile. That light smile is just enough, enough to say everything we could ever want to eachother. While looking into eachothers Eyes, we slowly close then. Holding onto that slight grin we have on our faces. We then lie there for what feels like a lifetime in complete happiness and peace, only to be disrupted by our uncontrollable urge to look into eachothers eyes once more. A simple kiss on your lips, soft, and slow, I know, right there, that you are my soul, and I am yours. We stay like that forever, in complete serenity in eachothers company. Our never ending bliss

Created: Mar 16, 2014

Tags: prose, poetry, story, fiction

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