Apocalypse/Last Days Theme #1 (sfaff collab Feb 12-13 only)

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The first of (hopefully) a collection of SFAFF photos relating to the apocalypse/last day theme... 

Some knew it was coming, while others didn’t have a clue [Blissfully Oblivious]. What would you do, if you knew the end was near? What would you do on this last day?

Would you stand up and battle the unknown [Clean shot], [Scene from a fictional film - [soft music playing],  [scenes from a fictional film-2]? 

Would you emerge as a hero that others could rely on [Scenes from a Fictional Film: Bravery], [Saving the World], ["What?"], [Burn It], [Scenes From a Fictional Film/ Lovely Captive]?

Would you escape or hide in fear [I Can't Face the World Today], [Run & Hide - Scene of a fictional film], [Leaving - Scenes From A Fictional Film], [- Shhh... I'm sure they are still there...], [Pauline? -Scenes From A Fictional Film]?

Would you leave everything behind [Door slamming: scene from a fictional film]?

Would you live in denial, only to realize it was too late [scene from a fictional film / Linger], [ill-used], [We're Not in Kansas Anymore], ["Not yet"]?

Would you do things you never thought you would [As you command (scene from a fictional film)], [I'm done being told what to do.]?

Would you lie to someone so they wouldn't be afraid [scene from a fictional film / Tommy], [Before]?

Would you lose your mind, just go mad [scene from a fictional film / Flight], [Scene from a Fictional Film: Lost], [Scene from a fictional film - [screaming], [Hushed (Scene from a Fictional Film)]?

Would you quietly accept your fate [Doesn't Matter (RE: Scene from a fictional film)], [Scene from a fictional film - 'Forced Reverence II'], [New Truths (Scenes From A Fictional Film)], [Lost In Space], ["fin"]?

Would you lie in wait for the inevitable [Scene from a fictional film - 'hello?'], [I don't want to be stuck here.]? 

Would you drink yourself into oblivion [Scene from a fictional film (drive on)], [scenes from a fictional film-1]?

Would you be consumed by curiosity, trying to find out what exactly the threat was [Every Horror Movie Ever], [Do You Think This Is It? - Scenes From A Fictional Film]?

Would you continue to hope, despite the odds [Scene from a fictional film - 'Forced Reverence II'], [Mending (Scenes From A Fictional Film)] [There had to be more.]?

What if you couldn’t see what the danger was? [I'm scared.], [Twig snaps (Scene from a fictional film)], [Screeching Violins], [Footsteps], [Scene from a fictional film - [distant sirens]], [Music Box (Scene from a fictional movie)], [Fictional Film Scenes: Suffocating], [knocking], [inaudible], [Scene from a fictional film - 'Careful']?

What if the danger was closer than you thought [Innocent Child - Scene from a fictional movie]?

Many would yous, what ifs... the following records represent these themes.

Find corresponding album here: http://www.hitrecord.org/albums/345917


Unfortunately I cannot link it to the actual collab, as I don't think it fits into any of the categories of submission. These photos are only from the Feb 12-13, which gives you an idea of how many submissions are uploaded daily!! I will roughly follow the same kind of format for further posting, give or take a few categories. Pls excuse in the delay in tagging...I have to manually search some of them...

Created: Mar 16, 2014


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