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Black and white. Arguably, the simplest, most basic and most common colour pattern in our world with the ever alternating series that is expected. But beyond that, the repetitive nature of black and white around us - the same two shades always somehow finding one another - becomes a pattern in itself. 

Black and white. One acting as the antithesis for the other, allowing each colour to scream its name out to the world, declaring its presence in so many different ways. The grace and elegance of a zebra flitting across the earth, displaying the beauty that can be created from these two colours alone. The same two colours that form the jagged tire tracks etched into a snow covered road. Far from graceful. Strong and angular, creating a whole new image with a whole new texture and overall look. From the two most extreme colours in the spectrum, we are able to witness a whole world of different kinds of patterns that repeat itself throughout both natural and man made entities, creating more images than a single mind could ever comprehend or conjure. And we're just lucky enough to see it all. Lucky enough to see so many different examples of such a simple pattern. 

Black and white.

Created: Mar 16, 2014

Tags: untitled patterns, free-verse, black and white, patterns, prose

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