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So to you, my dear and kind friend, I must say goodbye; and thank you for your hospitality as usual.
It was a great little trip, but now I must depart. For I have urgent business in Black-Lion. I will contact you when next I could use some transportation, and as always if you need me. Just call my name, and I’ll be there. Oh and by the way, should you be in need of a weapon. Just knock five times, and these will be your angels to guard you from devils. But only do so, under true need of one. For my trunk will not open if it is not an emergency.”
Captain Wolf said.

“I don’t think that'll be necessary, but thank you anyway. Have a nice trip, and be sure to not leave any details out.” Mr. Steel said. “I can’t make any promises.” Captain wolf said as he left the compartment.

“He first cloaks himself as a Lawdog; The Lawdogs are men and women of the law that protect and serve the territories of Espellovia. Then he walked through all the cars with great ease. Then he headed toward the car right before the caboose. He opened the door, quietly to not alarm the stowaway. He saw him fast asleep on top of some old newspapers. He then pulled out his pistol and gently woke him. The stowaway awoke aware of what woke him up.”

“Good evening, my fine fellow. I’m Gregory Talbot, I am an official Lawdog.
You sir, have illegally hopped onto this train. Thankfully for you, Mr. Steel isn’t too concerned about you sleeping here. However since I am here, I must tell you are bound by law to stand down, anything you say or do will be used against you as evidence in a court of your peers, and you of course will be provided a lawyer if you do not have the founds to console one. Have you any understanding of the rights I’ve just read to you?”
Captain Wolf asked in disguise.

“I do, and say that you are in much bigger trouble than I. The last time I checked, they hang you for impersonating a Lawdog. By the way, your performance was quite brilliant except for one thing. You didn’t bring a conductor with you. Any real Lawdog would’ve brought a conductor to see that my rights were read to me.”
He said.

“Ah, dash it all! (Captain Wolf said as his disguise vanished like dust) I always seam to forget that. Oh, wait actually I lied about that just now. You see, you’re a demon. Which means that they can’t touch you. It’s against their rules to try to arrest a demon. Cause they’re not qualified to handle demons. But I am, I just wanted to see what you’d do. Name’s Captain Wolf by the way. You see I can’t just waltz my way off this train when we get to Black-Lion. But that’s where you come in handy. I cloak the both of us as a Lawdog and an average criminal on the loose. I get you and me to Black-Lion safe and sound.” Captain Wolf said.

“He knotted yes, and then Captain Wolf cloaked them as he said he would. They then departed the train swiftly and as Debo turned to thank the Captain. He was gone, and there was no one around. So he headed onward to his destination. What he was unaware of, is that the Captain was right behind him, cloaked unseen to his eyes. After finishing a prayer for a safe trip to wherever his associate was heading. He was on his way to the Central Lawdog Station, and after an hour’s walk. He cloaked himself as Lawdog Gregory Talbot once more, and called on a cab. The cabby road up, and the captain in disguise told him to “Head for the station please.”
The cabby seeing him as an official man of the law, asked for no coin and got his horses to turn the other direction. In less than two hours flat, they arrived at the station. The Captn of course said thanks, as he tossed a coin. “God bless you govern.” the cabby said.

Captain Wolf headed for the 9th floor, walked to the last office on the right, and sat at Lawdog Inspector Gregory Talbot’s desk. He waited for about thirty minutes. Then he heard the footsteps of the real Gregory Talbot just outside, stepping off the elevator. So Captain Wolf dashed off his disguise, and turned the rotating chair to face the door with his back. Gregory is stepping into his office, and is now opening that very door. He hangs up his coat and hat, turns and says, “Just who are you, barging into my office? Aye, I’m talking to ya. Turn and face me you, just who do you think you are…ah…it’s you. Captain Wolf, you never stop amazing me.” Talbot said.

Created: Mar 15, 2014

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