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A promise from the author :

If you have found that what you have just read to interest you
Then you are in for a surprise, for if you are to read on
I promise you, you are soon to read something
unlike anything you will ever read

For this is a tale full of
adventure beyond any of your dreams
enriched battles between good and evil
quests of glory, honor, and valor
Magical beasts of many varieties
& much, much more

I promise you my reader, whoever you may be
that this is a story that you will come to
remember for years to come
I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it
I hope it to be a story for you to tell all those you wish to enchant with it
I wish it to be a tale to make some difference in your life
or perhaps in the life of someone you see fit to tell it to
I have done all I can to make this a story of Magic and wonders
The rest is all up to you my dear reader,
I hope you love it

Sign your most loyal author J . Kyle Hamilton

Created: Mar 15, 2014

Tags: prose, poetic, story

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