Dialogue of the Magic Within

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Just a little dialogue/a little narartion of my book :


“Keep this with you at all times. One day my descendants shall call for your help.
It is to them you shall give this letter to, but hold on it a little longer. Give it to them, when the battle is over.
Its importance is beyond any assignment you have ever appointed” Obraium said and then he flew away, and went on to other matters. He went to the future home of his descendants, transformed back into his human form and placed a most powerful charm on the house.”

“To only those of light and dark,
Only those with a spark in their hearts,
Only those who feel the war and spread the peace,
Only those good and true, I say and mean
Those who carry The Flame Of The Great Dragon
To only they that have the strength and The Magic Within.”

“This charm will keep the forces of evil at bay, but not forever. Soon the last of our family will have a battle to fight, a war to end, and they will embark on adventures beyond their wildest dreams.”


“Obraium, it’s so good to see you, how long has it been? One…two...twelve…. Centuries since “The Great War Of Magic.”


“Yes it’s been quite some time, but it probably only feels like yesterday to you.
Since the time in Limbo never is like the time on Espellovia. It is good to see you old friend. Shall we play
as we used to, or should I come to the point of this joyful but sour reunion?”


“I’ve a better idea, we shall play and discuss the cause of this being our first of many conversations. For you know as well as I, you shall not survive the battle against Dregone . There is also the fact that you shall never enter the gates of paradise, or at least not before the King of Demons has been finally slain.”


“Yes, I am quite aware of my fate. But as a good man once said, “What becomes of me is not important.”
- Quote by King Greyskull. “All that matters is that the people of the worlds can live in peace. By what happens today, the valiant, the good, and the pure of all the worlds will have a chance against evil. I would love to play a game of chess. But as you said yourself, there is plenty of time for that later. I must ask a favor of you, someday long from now. One of my descendants will be here to claim this.”

“Is that one of the legendary Dragon Talons?”

“It is, and it is to be earned by my descendant that will complete the trials of your teachings. “Gilfred The Guardian Of Spirits, The Dragon Master” will mainly teach him but he will take your final tests to earn this gift. I thank you very dearly my old friend. I must go now back to my school, but we will meet again.”

“He returned to his school, and then instructed his students to leave, most of them heeded his instructions; but twenty of his best students were prepared to die for their teacher. He knew he could not persuade them to leave, so instead told them to give him just enough time to send the Dragons Eye to a safe place where it would be far from the hands of evil. First Obraium sent it far away, and then he prepared to perform a spell called “The Destroyer's Hammer.” Soon as the spell was about to destroy his life's dream, he joined his students in their final battle. They charged at their foes, and battled with all their hearts. Then the spell destroyed everything. Only ruble remained, Obraium and his student's sacrifice was a most tragic strike to the hearts of their loved ones, but Dregone had lost and was forever trapped in a dimension reshaped in his master's image. A place of unspeakable horrors and pain for all who dwell within it. But the sacrifice was only partly victorious, for Dregone 's most devoted servants are now close to escape and have been planning to use all their power to free him. Soon the final battle will begin.”


A promise from the author :
If you have found that what you have just read to interest you
Then you are in for a surprise, for if you are to read on
I promise you, you are soon to read something
unlike anything you will ever read

For this is a tale full of
adventure beyond any of your dreams
enriched battles between good and evil
quests of glory, honor, and valor
Magical beasts of many varieties
& much, much more

I promise you my reader, whoever you may be
that this is a story that you will come to
remember for years to come
I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it
I hope it to be a story for you to tell all those you wish to enchant with it
I wish it to be a tale to make some difference in your life
or perhaps in the life of someone you see fit to tell it to
I have done all I can to make this a story of Magic and wonders
The rest is all up to you my dear reader,
I hope you love it

Sign your most loyal author J . Kyle Hamilton


Chapter ~1~ “The Return Of the Order”


“Yawn….Why hello my good friend, are we close to our destination?”

“Just about Captn, we’ve got fifteen minutes left. Should I go…”No, no just stay there for a sec Mr. Steel. I’ll be out in a few." "A matter of seconds later, the captain appears dressed in a black trench coat, a gray shirt, black boots, a black vest, black slacks, and of course his black metallic wolf mask.” ”All set, now before we go. Oh...let me just stretch a bit. Aah, ok, on we go…oh, wait a moment. Let me lock my trunk, ok now let’s go.”


“So did you enjoy your nap?”

“Oh yes, it was a glorious slumber.”

“What battle did you dream of this time?”

“I believe it was my first assignment as captain, where I was face to face against a number of Ghouls. They were huge, took me at least five days to finally slay them and banish their souls to the underworld. I tell you the slaying was much more fun than the banishing. Nearly got my coat burned during the ritual.
Anyway, so how would you like this one to go?”


“Captain Wolf, why don’t you just walk through the exit. Like everyone else, I mean the last time I saw anyone gunning for ya was about five, seven years ago.” Mr. Steel said.


“My good and loyal friend Mr. Steel. I would love that, I really would. But you know just as good as I. That little something, might mean the end of you and your train. I would never forgive myself, if I should be the cause of such a thing.”


“Then why don't you just cloak yourself as some average person?”


“Two very important reasons, it is troublesome to fake a ticket, and two there's no fun in that.
So, as always I shall use my mystic senses to detect any illegal passengers. Cloak my self as an on duty Lawdog, and make a swift and cunning arrest. Now, if you’d be as so kind as to be quiet for just for a few moments?”


He stood up from the bench, went back to his trunk. Then said, “Arm me please,” and as Mr. Steel caught up with him. He saw the trunk Magically rise one level up, and then it opened. Two draws opened side ways, and one draw opened in front of Captain Wolf. As he looked inside, there was a large amount of guns encased.”

“Do we have more trouble than we would like? Cause that’s neat, yet it makes me nervous.” Mr. Steel said.
“Oh, no not at all, I’m just deciding what to take with me. I shall be going to talk with our friend in the back of the train as a Lawdog. Like I mentioned earlier, but I will not be able to say goodbye as I usually do.


So to you, my dear and kind friend, I must say goodbye; and thank you for your hospitality as usual.
It was a great little trip, but now I must depart. For I have urgent business in Black-Lion. I will contact you when next I could use some transportation, and as always if you need me. Just call my name, and I’ll be there. Oh and by the way, should you be in need of a weapon. Just knock five times, and these will be your angels to guard you from devils. But only do so, under true need of one. For my trunk will not open if it is not an emergency.”
Captain Wolf said.


“I don’t think that'll be necessary, but thank you anyway. Have a nice trip, and be sure to not leave any details out.” Mr. Steel said. “I can’t make any promises.”


“Good evening, my fine fellow. I’m Gregory Talbot, I am an official Lawdog.
You sir, have illegally hopped onto this train. Thankfully for you, Mr. Steel isn’t too concerned about you sleeping here. However since I am here, I must tell you are bound by law to stand down, anything you say or do will be used against you as evidence in a court of your peers, and you of course will be provided a lawyer if you do not have the founds to console one. Have you any understanding of the rights I’ve just read to you?”

“I do, and say that you are in much bigger trouble than I. The last time I checked, they hang you for impersonating a Lawdog. By the way, your performance was quite brilliant except for one thing. You didn’t bring a conductor with you. Any real Lawdog would’ve brought a conductor to see that my rights were read to me.”
He said.

“Ah, dash it all! (Captain Wolf said as his disguise vanished like dust) I always seam to forget that. Oh, wait actually I lied about that just now. You see, you’re a demon. Which means that they can’t touch you. It’s against their rules to try to arrest a demon. Cause they’re not qualified to handle demons. But I am, I just wanted to see what you’d do. Name’s Captain Wolf by the way. You see I can’t just waltz my way off this train when we get to Black-Lion. But that’s where you come in handy. I cloak the both of us as a Lawdog and an average criminal on the loose. I get you and me to Black-Lion safe and sound.”


“He knotted yes, and then Captain Wolf cloaked them as he said he would. They then departed the train swiftly and as Debo turned to thank the Captain. He was gone, and there was no one around.

“Head for the station please.”
The cabby seeing him as an official man of the law, asked for no coin and got his horses to turn the other direction. In less than two hours flat, they arrived at the station. The Captn of course said thanks, as he tossed a coin.

“God bless you govern.” the cabby said.

Captain Wolf headed for the 9th floor, walked to the last office on the right, and sat at Lawdog Inspector Gregory Talbot’s desk. He waited for about thirty minutes. Then he heard the footsteps of the real Gregory Talbot just outside, stepping off the elevator. So Captain Wolf dashed off his disguise, and turned the rotating chair to face the door with his back. Gregory is stepping into his office, and is now opening that very door. He hangs up his coat and hat, turns and says, “Just who are you, barging into my office? Aye, I’m talking to ya. Turn and face me you, just who do you think you are…ah…it’s you. Captain Wolf, you never stop amazing me.”


“Well, the day I can’t amaze you is sure to be a dark one. So, is my witness ready?” Captain Wolf asked.
“No, not just yet, my men just missed him. He was in their custody but he had some help from our good friend
Dr. Wizard.” Talbot said. “Dr. Wizard is in town, I would love to give him a visit. Any idea why the good doctor would help him?” Captain Wolf asked.

“Your guess is just as good as mine. I'm afraid I can’t tell you that.” Talbot said.
“Well, when you’ve caught him. I’ll be in the interrogation room. By the way, did the doctor say anything to your men? Or was he in and out as always?” Captain Wolf said as he was on his way out.

“No, he told them to give me this. So that I may give it to you.” Talbot said as he handed over an envelope. Captain Wolf read it, and then said. “I’ve got some things to take care of, but by the time you find my witness. I’ll probably be in the interrogation room by then, If I’m not, you know how to contact me.”
Captain Wolf said as he left.

“Just before you go, Dr. Margo would like to talk to you about something. She said you might be able to shed some light on something that came through her morgue.” Talbot said as he went back to his office.

Captain Wolf went straight to the morgue, where he found Doctor Casey Margo sitting at a counter staring at a case file.” “Still can’t keep your eyes off your parents case I see.” Captain Wolf said. “She smiled before turning her head to look at him. She then hugged him nearly to death, he certainly wasn’t complaining.”

“Good to see ya again my dear Captain Wolf. I see you’ve reconnected with Gregory. Still the same old grump as he was back in the old days. Anyway, I’ve got something I need you to see.” Dr. Margo said.

“So I heard, any interesting facts of the corpse?” Captain Wolf.
“Well, you take a look for yourself and tell me.” Dr. Margo said.

“Captain Wolf looked at the body on the table. Covered by a white sheet, by the shape of the body. It looked like a rather large man. He moved the sheet down to the waist. He saw not a man or a beast, but of a mixture of the two. The victim had the fangs and claws of a wolf. He also had a dog-like face. His hair was wildly brushed and animal like, his eyes looked sky blue with red hint. Captain Wolf also noticed a very familiar symbol on his chest. It was the only scratch visible. But he knew better, so he took a look at the body using his mystics’ sight. He saw signs of torture by Magic. The symbol was one Captain Wolf knew well, it was the symbol of The Knights Of The Silver Moon; A society of almost every secret defense that guards man from the evils that try to poison the peace. They had been wiped out almost completely; rumor has it that there are only three remaining members. One kept to the cause of their order and is dead to the normal folk. One went on a rampage for blood, and then vanished. The third is said to be in hiding, waiting for the day The Knights Of The Silver Moon will arise once more. The one that kept to the cause happens to be Captain Wolf, and as he looks upon the dead Cimarian he knows very well, except a few minor details.”

“Does he have a name this unfortunate Cimarian?” Captain Wolf asked.
“Yes, he’s been identified as one Cameron Wildfire. How did you know he was a
Cimarian or “Wild one” as they say? I didn’t know that myself, that is until he was identified
by his brother Cimara Wildfire.” Dr. Margo said.

“Because I used to fight along side him back in the days of the knights. His name is Cameron Wildfire, similar to his kind’s name Cimarian or as you said it yourself “Wild one.” He was a good man, now should I
wait for you to go? Or do you think you can handle a talk with him?” Captain Wolf asked as he held his fallen comrade’s hand and put his other hand on his eyes.

“No, I think I can handle it. Go right ahead, but do me a favor, let me leave the room before you say goodbye.” She said. “Captain Wolf nodded and then uttered the words…Lacesso De Legibus naturam et intellectum, Sit Caesos Resurgere, Ut Educat Me Quicunque Auderet Verberare Eum submittentes, In Nomine Magica, Esto .
(Translation: “I Challenge The Laws Of Nature And Reason, Let The Fallen Rise Once More,
To Lead Me To He Who Dared To Strike Him Down, In The Name Of Magic Let It Be.”)
“The body began to show particles of light and sparks, and then in a moment of shock”…”Gasping, gasp, deep breathing, where am I, where is he, what did he do with the book?!” he was shaking, and very scared.

“Hello Cameron, good to see you old friend. Now I know this is all very scary but I need you to focus. I need you to give me a detailed account of everything that happened leading up to your death. The most we’ve got to work with is an hour, maybe two.” Captain Wolf said.

“Boss, is that you?” Cameron asked.
“Yes, it’s me. Now focus, what happened?” Captain Wolf asked.

“I was contacted by someone about your book, he told me he had it. Said he'd give it to me for a fair price.
I went to meet him and he said he could read it. But for some reason, he still needed you. So he dragged me to some place secret. He didn’t lay a finger on me, but he used dark torture spells on me. I wouldn’t tell em a thing about your whereabouts. I did all I could, but as the hour grew. He told me, he was running out of time; a silver moon, two crescents, two suns, one blue and one red, and then a dark circle of fire. That’s how much time you’ve got to stop em he said. Then he used the darkest of them all, he killed me by looking though my mind for the answers I would not give him. It’s good to see you, has Cimara seen me like this?” Cameron asked.

“Yes, he identified the body and is just outside. Should I go get him?” Captain Wolf asked.
“No, just tell him to look under my desk. He’ll find my last words to him, my will, and our father’s sword.

.....Tell him, that it’s his choice now. To either live a better life than our father or I, or choose to follow in our line of work. The work of a knight, “A Knight Of The Silver Moon, Let Them Howl And Let Them Ride On To Whatever End. For When The Silver Bane Is High And Bright, Let Her Light Be The Lantern In The Dark.
To Give Us The Power, And Before The Hour Be Done, We Will Make Our Stand To The Last Of Our Breath Or The Last Of Our Blood. By Both, I Do Swear To Hold My Word, By My Sword To What I Have Said. May I Be Remembered Forever As Nothing But A Valiant Knight To Whom Did Keep His Honor, His Heart, And His Dream.” Captain Wolf and Cameron said.

"I want you to swear him in, if he should take up the cause. Teach him everything you taught me. If he should dec...decide not to, promise me you’ll look after him.” Cameron said.

“I promise, and I give you my word as a Knight of the Silver Moon, I will die before I let anyone lay one hand on his head. Now, this is the part where you best be going Margo. Do me a favor, hold Cimara just for a few moments so I might give him his brother’s message.” Captain Wolf said.

“Dr. Margo just knotted and walked out of the morgue.”

“Now I’ve just one last question old friend. Do you remember any kind of details, that might lead me
to the devil that did this to you?” Captain Wolf asked.

“I don’t, but I neither do I need to. I know his name, but I dare not say it. How much longer, before I’m gone for good, Boss?” Cameron. “Well, you’ve got a few minutes. But I’ll let you go, could you possible write his name.” Captain Wolf asked. “Cameron just knotted and used one of his claws to cut himself on the arm, he then wrote the name on the wall on his right. C.M.B, he wrote it clear to read.”

“I think that’s all I’ve got left Boss. So I best be shoving off to hell.” Cameron said. “If I see you anywhere near hell, I’ll make sure to beat you out of it. In the name of your ancestors, the Gods that be above, and the savior, and the holy spirits of all the worlds. May you be at peace, and may you see the true paradise my good friend Cameron Wildfire, Amen.” Captain Wolf said.

"Then as Captain Wolf let go of his friend's hand, particles of light and sparks of magic left his body.
Captain Wolf took out a knife and then cut his hand. He then put his knife back and said, "In The Name Of The Knights Of The Silver Moon, the Gods that be above, the spirits of all the worlds, the savior of us all, and in the name of magic; I prey, I hope with all my heart that you will take his spirit to paradise where it now belongs,
I ask that you guide his spirit to be at peace. I ask this, and offer this, I will use all that of who I am to hunt down he who slew my brother, my friend, my comrade, and my dear Cameron. In your names I prey, amen."
Captain Wolf said.

"His wound healed, and he cleaned his hand at the sink. Then he gathered his spirits and walked out to the waiting room. Then he saw Dr. Margo talking to Cimara."

"Cimara I know this is a hard time for you. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your brother. I promise you, Captain Wolf and I will do all we can to find your brother's killer. If you should ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you at any time." Dr. Margo said.

"Casey, please wait for me outside. I'll be there in a few moments.
I've got a lot to talk about with Cimara." Captain Wolf said.

"Dr. Margo nods and gives them both a hug before she leaves. "

"Hello Cimara, long time no see. I know how much your brother meant to you. I wish I was there, when he needed me most. I remember when we were just recruits. He was the best they had, but only Chief Blade Master and myself saw that. Everyone else thought he was nothing but a freak.

But that never stopped him. He was my inspiration for staying on as a recruit, even when everyone treated me the same way with my gift for Magic. When I was appointed the rank of captain, he wasn't angry, in-fact he told me he rather me be captain more than anything.

He said, "You are not much of a leader, but you have more spirit and ambition than I ever will.
I would also rather be your second in command of the Shadow Wolves." I was more than honored to have him by my side. We saw lots of things when we were apart of the order. But no matter how many awful or terrible things we witnessed. He never let me down; he never allowed any of his fear get in the way of his duty of being a Knight of the Silver Moon. Now I know your not your brother. But I also know, you have all his strength, courage, wisdom, and perseverance. The difference is that you have it in far larger quantities. None of that is of my own words. He couldn't stop talking about how you were the best of him and your father when we were behind enemy lines. I never tired of it, it inspired me to be the best I could be everyday of my life. I still hold to that, I am still doing all I can to be the best I can everyday. Now I'm about to ask you a really big question.
Either path takes a huge amount of courage, so whatever your decision. Don't think yourself a coward whatever path you take, I hope it to be all that you hope it to be. Now before I get to that, you've seen Cameron?" Captain Wolf asked. "All Cimara could do to answer was nod his head."

"I want you to come with me, I think you should see something I couldn't show Casey. Now you've got to know what he went through in order to make a decision on that question I mentioned. I can do something that keeps you from having to look. But it's going to make you feel the exact way he did, when he was tortured. You have to decide to either see or feel, but you must know his pain." Captain Wolf said.

"Ok, I'd rather just see him. But first, could you do me a favor before we go?" Cimara asked.
"Sure, anything." Captain Wolf said.

"Would you mind telling me just what happened between you and him on a certain event? The day we first met, he was really just not his old self. He was different, like I didn't even really know him.
What made him like that?" Cimara asked.




"Come with me, I cannot properly tell you that with out you seeing him." Captain Wolf said.
"Cimara nodded and followed him into the morgue. Captain Wolf pointed to the crest on Cameron's chest."

"You see this, it's the symbol of "The Knights Of The Silver Moon" it was a gift he earned for completing his training when we were recruits." Captain Wolf said as he rolled up his right sleeve.

"I to earned one, but I didn't complete my training until my fifth try. I was about your age when I finally earned it. The second I volunteered for the war at "Blood Moon Valley", we started working together. I trained him but it was more like we were training each other.

It took me five years to achieve the rank of captain in our unit "The Shadow Wolves". We were given the missions that others thought mad, crazy, suicide even. But we took on all of them, one by one we took down every dark sorcerer and sorceress, every single agent of evil that threatened man, we were the ones to take them on. But our victory of the war didn't last long.

After another three or four years of hunting evil, we were betrayed by one of our own unit. His name was Carlyle Marcus Barter, but we called him by the name "The Pyrogenist Magician" or "Pyro" for short.
Mainly because his talent was fire, weather it was a spell, a trick, or incantation, and he even had a number of weapons that he used to manipulate all kinds of fire. He used to be a good a man, and a proud warrior of Magic.

But now he's nothing but a monster that craves chaos, destruction, and power. It is that same abomination, which killed "The Fang Hammer" and the hero. Who showed everyone who thought him a freak, how to truly be A Knight Of The Silver Moon. Ask any Lawdog, Peace Keeper, or Outlaw and they could tell plenty of stories about the battles he fought. Compared to me, he was and is a legendary hero.

All I am is a Knight who left to do what I can to keep to the cause. If you happen to run into anyone; that calls him a coward to run for his life and wait for the cavalry. Give em hell for it, cause he didn't run and hide.
He knew more about war, combat, and bravery than I could in a dozen lifetimes. He knew too much about it, so he tried to find a more peaceful life. But he never left the cause; he was just waiting for the Knights of The Silver Moon to arise once more. But, sadly he never knew that we three were truly the last.


All he knew is that we were betrayed, and scattered up. But what really happened is that Carlyle didn't just split our organization up, he killed every last member. From the high commander your father, to the recruits, he left none alive, the only reason why the two of us were so fortunate. Is because the high command had their best get us out of the headquarters. Then they gave us a choice, to keep to the cause in secret. Or to live a better life, I chose the first option. Your brother took the second. I told him if he'd ever needed help, just call my name and I'd be there. But he never did, he never did; and he knew I could've been right there when he needed me.
Probably he didn't cause he thought he could handle it on his own. But the real reason more likely, is that he didn't want to give up his captain. Now it's time I asked you an important question, but first.

"Terminus servet, bona videri potest exhibitor" “At first nothing happened, but then hundreds of small bruises, scars, and deep wounds where seen on Cameron's body. Cimara couldn't bare it, he started to cry. He held his brother's hand and began shouting,

"Why, why did you have to die? I didn't even get to say good-bye. How am I going to live now?
Where will I go, what will I do?!" Cimara said

"Then suddenly Cameron's body began to shine very brightly.
Then it vanished, and soon after Cimara saw his brother's soul."

"Now come on, your stronger than that. The answers are right here, right in this big heart of yours. Look inside, I bet you'll figure it out. Now don't you worry, no matter where you go, no matter what you do. Our parents and I will always be with you. Remember that story our father told us when we were young-lings. There were a couple of very special moments in that story. Our father told us to never forget them.

"Look at the stars, the great kings of the past look down at us; so whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will be there to guide you and so will we. Can you remember the other one?" Cameron asked.

"Cimara." a familiar voice that Cimara knows well.
"Father, are you there?" Cimara asked.
"Then the spirit of his father appeared."
"Cimara, you have forgotten me." Cimara's father said.

"No, how could I. I'll never forget you. I'll always remember what you taught me." Cimara said.
"You have forgotten who you are, and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself , you are more than what you have become. Remember who you are, you are my son.” You two were so young, it was hard for you to remember anything. But whenever I asked you about that story, you always remembered. Cimara the life ahead of you is harder than you know. But it will be only what you make of it. The choice is yours, remember to live the best way you can. Now go and change your stars, and don't be afraid. If you find you can't find your way home. Just follow your feet, listen to your heart, and trust in yourself. You'll find a way, and never forget to do all you can to unleash the Magic Within, and I will always love you. Your my son, and your my blood, I'll always love you whatever you decide." Cimara's father said as he and Cameron faded away.

A few moments later, "What was the question you wanted to ask me?" Cimara asked.

"Simply this, which path do you wish to take? The path to a better life than your brother or father's, or the path to live as "A Knight of The Silver Moon, to take up your father's sword. Swear to devote your entire life to the protection of mankind. To which path you take is for you to decide." Captain Wolf said.

"I choose without any doubts to take up arms as a "Knight of The Silver Moon" and help you find the man who killed my brother and father." Cimara said.

"Now hold on Cimara, if you do so. You have to swear to me that you will not go after him. He is both our responsibility, but vengeance is not a good enough reason to join up with the knights. Before I can swear you in, you have to promise me that you will not go hunting him down by yourself. I swore to your brother that I would take care of you, and to train you as I did train him. When I say you are ready, and only when I say. You and I will make him pay" Captain Wolf said.

"I promise I won't, I swear that I will not do any such thing. I will wait till you say I am ready." Cimara said.

"Alright, what's about to happen, might feel weird. But don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself. Don't be scared, a huge amount of weight is about to try to knock you down.
It's a very simple but important test. Do all you can to stand firm against it. I'm here, nothing bad is going to happen." Captain Wolf said.

"Captain Wolf created a great burst of energy with a clap of his hands. He then knelled and pressed his left hand on the concrete floor and then as Captain Wolf whispered the enchantment. Below their feet, magical flames of florescent colors engraved a number of symbols. A ringed cross was right below them, at it's northern point stood the symbol of the knights, with a star, two suns, and two crescent moons. To the western end a cross with a shining diamond. On the southern front sat a ringed arcane symbol. Finally, on the eastern side, there lay several dazzling gems and rubies inside a golden sphere. As the flames finished, Cimara fought the force he told of. He stood his ground, but was quite confused.”

"This is "The Heart Of All Seeing", it is a tool used by "The Dragon Lords". An ancient society of the last mystic warriors, nine very powerful, and very wise Dragon warriors. Ancient defenders who were born with the blood of Dragons. Who used their power to create a new secret order of protectors that would watch over mankind till the end of time. They gave birth to "The Knights of The Silver Moon" the very protectors that your brother and I joined to defend mankind from the darkest of evils, that the worlds will never know even existed.

I am Captain Wolf, tactical sorcerer and knight of the fifteenth hundredth degree. What you've just fought to keep your feet, is the very responsibility we take as a knight. The fate of all the worlds rest on our shoulders. If we don't keep to the cause, then they will burn. Which is why, even in times of peace. We must stay on our guard, and at our posts. This is not something you can escape from wining a war, or fighting
the very source of all the evils that exist.

The day you die, and the day you loose faith in this cause are the only exists from this responsibility. Do you Cimara Wildfire, son of the High Commander “Corvanous Wildfire the Defender Of Justice".
Do you swear by your honor, and the honor of your legendary family. To become a Knight of the Silver Moon, to be as a guardian of the people, an invisible protector, and a watchful tactical sorcerer. To defend the week from the evils of the unjust, to ensure man's freedom's of life, liberty, and their pursuits to happiness. To hunt down and vanquish all forms of evil, to help any living soul in peril, to assist those of a demonic or arcane nature that are not ruled by evil. To all of that which I have said, do you pledge to honor that code?" Captain Wolf asked.

"I swear to uphold every part of the code, to the last word. I will honor it to my last breath, and my last ounce of strength. I swear in the name of the gods, in the name of my family, and in the name of magic." Cimara said.

"Now hold still, I am going to use my senses in magic to see just what kind of knight you will become.
Please clear your mind, breathe deep and be as silent as the grave." Captain Wolf said quite serious.

“First Captain Wolf took of his coat and hat. He rolled up his long sleeves. At first they were bare.
Then a number of symbols appeared. He closed his eyes and then opened them, they began to change from Hazel to shimmering blue. As he looked deep into Cimara's soul, he then saw immediately that Cimara would be true to the cause and be a great defender of man.

The Captain saw that he would accomplish heights never imagined, proving his worth as a knight and tactical sorcerer more than Captain Wolf could ever dream. He also saw that his destiny was to be the greatest hero that ever lived. The only thing Captain Wolf saw troublesome was that there would be hundreds of evil characters
Cimara would have to face. To accomplish these extraordinary heights, which would more than likely lead to him becoming a legendary hero. Then he saw something else, it was clouded by a shroud of dark mist.

Then it became clear, it was something Captain Wolf never thought could or would happen in his lifetime.
The only thing he could tell as to what this glorious event could be. It would be the most important event in both their lives. Captain Wolf closed his eyes again, and they became normal once more. The details in his mask began to glow like his eyes did a moment ago. Before all this began, it was a metallic black and silver. It was engraved with great detail. After a few seconds, it stopped glowing and remained the florescent sky blue.
It no longer seamed metallic, in-fact Cimara could not tell weather it was a mask or just some kind of paint.

Truly the captain was mysterious, and he was well versed in the ways of magic.
He was just as Cimara remembered him. A man of many talents, who wasn't just good at what he does.
He made his service as a Knight seem like it was as easy as breathing. But of course, he would never say
such a foolish or silly thing. Cimara admired him, but at the same time. He wasn't completely sure just
who this man was. But as he did in the old days, he wasn't much for small talk.
Whenever you engaged him in a conversation about himself or his past, he would
find some clever way to get out of it. He never liked talking about what went on
in his mind. “I guess he's just committed to his task of being a Knight.”
Cimara thought to himself.




"What just happened, and why has your mask changed?" Cimara asked confused.

"This mask is no ordinary one, it allows me to tap into almost any magical or non-magical thing. It helps me stay alive in times of peril. But until a certain day, neither I nor anyone else can remove it. If someone with a talent for ancient Arcane Magic, were to remove it. I would be no more, another reason to be on my guard at all times.

From the day the knights fell up until now, it has not been as cooperative to my commands.
So I usually have to rely on my own magic. But now that this day has come, it is now fully awakened. I have all of my powers returned. I owe this to you, for what you don't understand. Is that you've just reawakened

"The Knights Of The Silver Moon" and my old self as well. I am indebted to you, more than you will ever know. Now, what just happened is called the "Fusion artibus magicis" or fusion of magic.

It's the ritual used to allow someone the use of magic. The knights use it as a beginners tool, but mainly only use it for a last resort. But for those like me, don't need to go through it because we're born with magic. It's in our blood, just as it is in your blood. But unless you go through the ritual, your kind can't actually tap into magic.

Or at least not directly. What also happened, was the process of me looking through your soul. Seeing who you will become as a knight, and it's quite wonderful yet terrible. Your destiny is to become the greatest legendary hero who ever lived. You have lots of works to be done, but for now. You are my apprentice, I will teach you the ways of the art. But before we get to training, you need a name.

Now of course you have one, but I mean a name that all will know you by as a hero. More of a title than a name, but it's a summary of all you are in a short phrase. Your brother's was "The Fang Hammer" he was given it, because he was sharp with his mind like a blade and could do anything he set his mind to like a hammer that's used for almost anything. Think of something that describes yourself like that." Captain Wolf said.

"I need some time to think of one, if that's alright?" Cimara Asked.

"Of course, take as much time as you need. When your mind comes to one, let me know. So, for now we begin your training in the words of the art. Something you need to know is that words have much more power than anything in creation.

The only exceptions are the actions we use those words for. There are thousands of languages that can be applied to sorcery. You can use any one of them, or even more than one. But it's not the language that powers a spell.
It's the amount of belief you have in magic that gives it the form to be preformed.

All you need to do is five very simple steps. One, clear your mind of everything. Two, know what you’re going to do before you do it. Three, focus all your will into the spell. Four, make sure you can do it without hurting yourself or an innocent civilian. Five, make the spell happen.

The fifth is the most important but most difficult. Because sometimes you might not have the strength to make the magic happen. Or you might not know to put all the steps together.

But with time and practice, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Tomorrow we'll begin the real training, but for now, your first assignment I leave to you. Find something to do that might help you with learning the words of the art.
Now before we disperse the heart of all seeing, there is one final thing that must be done. There is a pledge we knights have, it's the mission we take up when we join up with the order.
Take my wrist as I take yours, and try to follow the words I say.



“From this moment till we die, we are but, Knights Of The Silver Moon, Let Them Howl And Let Them Ride On To Whatever End. For When The Silver Bane Is High And Bright, Let Her Light Be The Lantern In The Dark.
To Give Us The Power, And Before The Hour Be Done, We Will Make Our Stand To The Last Of Our Breath Or To The Last Of Our Blood. By Both, I Do Swear To Hold By My Word, By My Sword To What I Have Said. May I Be Remembered Forever As Nothing But A Valiant Knight To Whom Did Keep His Honor, His Heart, And His Dream." They both said.

"Good, you're ready to begin, let's go." Captain Wolf said.

"Captain Wolf created a great burst of energy once more with a clap of his hands. The Heart Of All Seeing vanished. They both walked out of the morgue, and into the hall just outside the waiting room, where Dr. Margo was talking to Gregory. They had just finished and Gregory walked towards Captain Wolf and Cimara.

Gregory for once was not much of his grumpy old self. He gave Cimara one of his cards, encase he needed him for anything. Then walked out the door just to their left that led out to the street. He smelled the bakers' breads and the sweetness of their fresh fruits, cookies, meats, and other such sensations. They both walked towards Dr. Margo with calm faces. But the captain thought Gregory was acting odd. "What was that all about, he hasn't done that in years?" Captain Wolf asked a little confused.

"I gave him, a bit of a word not to be too grumpy as usual. Anyway, what did our young friend here decide?"
Dr. Margo asked.

"I've chosen to be a knight, and Captain Wolf is going to teach me." Cimara said with joy.

"Yes, he's got quite a lot of work to do. But for now, I need you to go with Casey here. She'll take you to the Keep, and see to it that you get settled in. I've got some things that I need to attend to. I'll be there by tomorrow night, remember your assignment. Oh, and if you two need help, Casey knows what to do." Captain Wolf as Cimara shook Casey's hand saying thank you. As Cimara looked away for only a moment.


Chapter ~2~

“As Cimara tried to thank him, but as he turned around, the captain was gone."

"He does that, you'll get used to it after a while." Dr. Margo said.

"If Cimara had not stopped to thank Casey, he would have seen the captain vanish.
Captain Wolf reappeared in the same fashion just a block to the North gate leading
out of Black Lion, he had a long way to go to reach Dr. Wizard.

So, he pondered on what to use to get to his first destination. He knew the doctor's home was in the middle of Black Lion Town and the City of Songbird. It took five hundred miles to get there from either side. There are three small cities that are the main attraction for the worst souls that ever existed, the worst of the filth the worlds have to offer. In the middle stands a "Place of Wonders" as it's called.

"The Majestic Stage Of Extraordinary Sights." A place where musical, theatrical, and other fine arts projects and plays are preformed. Everyday and night it's got something big going on. The filth love it so much, they never bring anything of a mischievous nature. They treat it better than a church on Sunday. Which is the only place other than the stage, which the filth don’t care to touch.

These cities are called "The Vial Fox Roses." The road ahead is most dangerous, so Captain Wolf ponders very hard on what's the fastest and safest way there. Then he got an idea, he made a loud whistle. Right before him, stopped his old friend and magical companion “Dark Lightning.” A mighty black horse with a star on his forehead, with stars on his front and hind legs, along with mystical symbols on his neck"

"Good to see you again, my old friend. What is our destination to which we ride to?" Dark Lightning asked.

"It's good to see you as well, we're off to see the good doctor for a visit. Then I need to speak with another old friend I haven't seen in a long time. I hope you're ready to go back to work." Captain Wolf said with a grin on his face as he saddled up.

"Captain Wolf, I was born ready and my spirits are as good as ever with the return of the knights."
Dark Lightning said as they road on to Steel's train port.

Which is where Steel was heading. He'd gotten all he needed to make port for the thousand-mile trip to SongBird. Then Steel got a feeling he hadn't in the longest time. He didn't know how or even when. But he knew the Captain was near. So he raced his heals to the engine room, turned the throttle to its highest speed, made sure the current passengers and the crew were all aboard. Then in the blink of an eye, he hit the "Let's Ride" button. The train began to go like any train would, but unlike the others. In less than fifteen seconds flat, the train went too fast for anyone to catch. That is anyone, other than Captain Wolf and Dark Lightning.

The two of them saw the train go. But all they did was grin silly, and ride on faster than anyone else could.
They both felt good for the first time in five years. Dark Lightning's heart was pulsing with energy as his front and hind legs began to move faster and faster to catch the train. Steel saw them within view, and then hit the switch for the docking cart door for Captain Wolf and Dark Lightning. They got closer and closer and closer.
The train was gaining speed, and for a moment, it seemed as if they might not make it. But then Dark Lightning purred all his strength into his legs and with a giant leap. They boarded the train.


"Looks like we've still got it. Rest for now, while I go talk to Steel." Captain wolf said as he dismounted.
"Tell him I said hello and thank you." Dark Lightning said as Captain Wolf walked to the engine room.

"Steel turned the throttle down half way, not overdo the engines. He was just about to go greet the captain.
When suddenly a Lawdog other than Gregory, barged in with one of Steel's conductors."

"Mr. Steel, I'm quite aware this is your train. You do what you like with it, but you know as I do that you've just lost it, you've lost.....this round of tag the train." Captain Wolf said as the conductor and his disguise vanished.

"Ha,hah ha ha-hah....the both of them laughing."
"You got me good on both accounts. Now wasn't that tons of fun?" Steel asked. "Yes, yes it was. We both thank you for that, and Dark Lightning says hello. Now ah, I need a big favor." Captain wolf said. "Anything, you name it, my train and I are at your service. I can always make something up to make the passengers go along with it." Steel said. "We're on our way to see the good Dr. Wizard. I have quite a number of things I need to speak with him in person." Captain Wolf

"Difficult but doable, just give me one hour to plan it all out. I'll have you there by night fall. Have the good old days returned, or are you just happy?" Steel asked.

"No, they are gone for good. But much better days are soon to come, for the knights have been reborn.
Soon, very soon the war will be ended after all these long years. Now I'll leave you to your work, and thank you my friend, you may never know how much that meant to us." Captain Wolf said as he left the engine room.


...."That's all for now








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