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There was one time when a man loved a woman, this woman was made out of little things the man loved. He loved the way she looked when she smiled, he loved the mole she had right above her mouth and even the way she hated that same mole, her tiny nose, her black penetrating eyes and her greasy hair.

One day the man stoped seeing these little things as wonderful as he used to, he panicked and he decided to lock himself in a room until he thought he would love them again. The woman totally unaware of what was happening stood on the door of the room waiting for an answer. She waited 2 days until he came out, the woman was half asleep on the floor when he said "This is why I love you, I had to stop seeing those little things to see you as a whole just as you stop seeing the words in a book and form a beautiful story, you are my story and I want to read you everyday.".

Created: Mar 15, 2014

Tags: story, request, fiction

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