10 MWC Rules & Regulations, & Our Writing Ways

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I began my HR journey anticipating to use it to post just old writing (as I have quite a stash!). But now I see that it's stirring up heaps of creative energy within me.

Yesterday I became even more involved in HR, taking part in one of the websites ‘thingys’. I like the idea of being given a word and ten minutes to write about it. It gives the feeling of being back in high school, in creative writing class or in literature, and even though I didn’t like high school much at all, those are decent memories.

But here’s the thing. I cheated.

If you put me in a class of one-hundred students, and we were all given a word and then had to write a story, on the spot, then I’d usually fall flat on my face. I call myself a writer, but I also don’t create prose out of thin air. So okay, we’ve been given a word, but generally I need more than that.

I need time. To let that word sink in.

So here is how Go & Underneath worked for me. I saw Go as a result of Dragonflyqueen8’s quality story (especially impressive if she didn’t cheat!), but I didn’t write my own straight away. I had nothing to go off.

At least apparently. Because about half an hour later – whilst showering and NOT thinking – I remembered, “I have to go”. And that was it. Within a few minutes that story was written in my head (though the bit about my heart beating forever faster came hours later at work).

My writing is like some food. It needs time sit on the stove at a low temperature; time for the various ingredients to meld together. So my mind had the word “go” implanted in it, and therefore, subconsciously, I remembered what she said (and it may not have been those exact words but that was the sentiment).

So that is how I write. Stuff comes to me often when I am not sitting down at my laptop. It’s when I am driving my car, or lying in bed, or exiting the shower. I call all of this zoning-in. Or zoning-out. I still haven’t concluded on which is the more correct term.

I cheated even more with Underneath. Some ideas came to me during the work day, though unlike some other writing ideas I didn’t email them to myself. So it was still kinda fresh when I sat to write it at days end, though I certainly took more than ten minutes. But maybe the rule of ten minutes is not so important. What’s important is that HR is inspiring me to write even more.

Even if my major source of inspiration remains the same.

Created: Mar 14, 2014

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