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[title cont: ...e #3 by Ashton_Lackas) ]

So Ashton_Lackas challenged me to remix Horizon... by KitchCat which was already a remix of And A New Earth - Stoic Face Visuals. The challenge was to turn it into a 'scene from a fictional film'. So this is my first installment for the 'fictional film' collab.

I added all the sound (atmos, breathing, footsteps, door) to create a pivotal dramatic scene. Scoring a simple clarinet line enhanced the emotion even further. And finally of course I came up with a caption (took me ages; I'm no writer). Was a lot of fun to do! Enjoy!

Created: Mar 14, 2014

Tags: roof, film, movie, music, score, girl, scene, scene from a fictional film, sfaff

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