Marie Bee Rap Beat (stage 1)

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I've been teaching kids how flip samples lately and then about a week or 2 ago, I came across this beautiful violin remix by Marie Bee:

So, I sampled it, flipped it, and turned it into this.

For the trumpet part, I sampled MeTaL PoU's trumpet stems for "Beastly Beauty". Ideally, in this track we should replace the sample with an actual trumpet playing the riff. I've never been a fan of sampled horns. If anyone would like the sheet music for it, just let me know.

This is a pretty rough cut of this particular jam, hence the (stage 1) subtitle. Where can we go from here? Remix away!



Tempo= 100 BPM

Key= g minor

Created: Mar 14, 2014

Tags: song, beat, drums, stem, bass, hip hop, instrumental, rap

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