HR radio – voice over/introductions: HOW TO

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This record is an explanation of one of the jobs involved in making content for the unofficial HR radio stream. See [link] for the main Collab.

The basic process goes like this:

Curating a show -> recording voice over/introductions -> editing the VO onto the music -> uploading to the server

This job marries quite nicely with the first job (Curating a show) and the two jobs can be done by one person, although if don’t have the time/inclination to do both you can just tackle this one: That’s why I made them separate jobs!

This job is basically being the voice of the DJ. Find an album with ‘–needs VO’ at the end of its name in the main collab for a show that interests you (or curate one yourself, if you would like). Check the comments of the album to make sure nobody else is already taking it on and if nobody is working on it leave a comment to let people know you are going to do it.

For each of the songs in the show you will need to record two things. An introduction and a recap for after the song has played. If the show has a specific theme you should focus what you are saying on this theme. Regardless of theme/no theme you should mention:

Artist name, song name and record number.

This would be the minimum requirement although I thinks it’s best to have a mixture of quick to the point intros and ones where you go into a bit more detail/ chat about the artist/resources/whatever.
Check the stream to get an idea of what works.

When recording the intros Its perfectly fine to have all the bits of voice for the entire show as one audio file, Though you should leave about a second or so between each bit for easy editing.

Next up you need to upload this file to hitrecord. Make sure you resource the show album and name the record:

HRRCC – [date] – [show name] – VO needs edit.

(Hitrecord radio content creation) (Date and show name should be the same as on the original show album)

Lastly you will need to leave a comment on the curators album letting people know the voice over has been done.

NOTE: if you are going to do the edit as well there is no need to upload the voice over file.

Created: Mar 14, 2014


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