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This record is an explanation of one of the jobs involved in making content for the unofficial HR radio stream. See [link] for the main Collab.

The basic process goes like this:

Curating a show -> recording voice over/introductions -> editing the VO onto the music -> uploading to the server

This job marries quite nicely with the second job (voice overs) and the two jobs can be done by one person, although if don’t have the equipment/time/inclination to do both you can just tackle this one: That’s why I made them separate jobs!

Curating a show is the first thing that needs to get done. Basically what you’ll be doing is choosing the music that will make up the show. This could just be a basic music show or could fit some theme (see for some ideas for shows)

Once you’ve decided on a theme (or no theme!) have a look around the site and choose some music and create an album with all the tunes you’ve selected.

The album name should be of this form:

HRRCC – [date] – [show name] – needs VO

Exe: HRRCC – 2-4-2014 – rock show – needs VO

(Hitrecord radio content creation)

Here an example of an album for a show:

You should be aiming for the show to be between about 15 minutes up to an hour. When selecting the tunes bear in mind the talking time between songs, especially if the theme you have in mind will require quite a bit of talking.

You now need to download the music you have selected put it into a zip file, uploaded that as a record and add it to your shows album (this makes life a lot easier for the editors later and balances the work load more).

Last thing to do for now is to make sure your text description on the album has the desired play order and, if it is a themed show, a description on what the show is ‘about’.

Heres an example of a zip of songs for a show:

Later when after the show first airs you will also need to:

Rename the album replacing ‘needs VO’ with ‘finished’

Also to keep things tidy you should add two files to your album: the single audio file with the whole show and the zip file with the all finished songs (these are just two different options for those who want to listen podcast style). If all has gone to plan you should notice these appearing when they are created because the person who creates them should leave a comment on your album.

NOTE: If you intend to do the voice overs as well as curation follow the same steps but don’t bother putting ‘needs VO’ on the record name.

Created: Mar 14, 2014


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