"Odds and Ends" (a Tiny Philosophical Story and a Philosophical *As...

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[title cont: ...terisk Tale)]

Tiny Philosophical Story:

They say, "the end is just a new beginning."

But I never hear them say, "the beginning is just a new end."

Isn't that odd?


Philosophical *Asterisk Tale (warning-beware of the heaviness):

Skatebard: Sweetheart?

Me: Yes?

Skatebard: What are you talking about?

Me: Odds and ends.

Skatebard: How about "the beginning of the end?"

Me: How about "the end of the beginning?"

Skatebard: How about "odd man out"?...Oh wait, he's already in.

Me: Or is he?...hmmmm...I think this the end of this conversation.

Skatebard: Or is it just the beginning?

Me: I don't know...what are the odds?




Created: Mar 14, 2014


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