The Silence

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My heart dropped the day you didn’t come back
Sunlight became darkness; my heart became black
Not from the anger, but the unrelenting pain
Tears flowed, people watched, with not one ounce of shame

I truly was lost; didn’t know what to do
Because you were gone, a part of me left too
The calendar pages flipped; to me, just another day
I felt angry; I felt lonely, but they all stayed away

We had parties and dinners. Habitual visitors came a lot.
But when you left I watched, as all of it stopped
And I was left in silence. Reliving mortal mistakes
When silence fills the air. You can hear your heart break

I became an infection; a quarantined soul
With the exception of apologies, sad faces, and consoles
But I screamed till there was change. Yelling so fucking loud.
Fuck pain, Fuck everyone, Fuck the sun, Fuck the clouds

I’m getting you back, even if it kills me
Past being infected; now a flesh eating zombie
No matter how I end up, if the silence begins to start
Hear my heartbroken war cry screaming, screaming in the dark.

Created: Mar 14, 2014

Tags: heartbreak, silence, loneliness, fight, change, alone, nevergiveup

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