The Ghost of Captain Colin Swayze

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Niagara-On-Lake in Ontario, Canada, is known for it's many ghost stories, but one of the most popular among tourists is the tale of Captain Colin Swayze.

During the War of 1812, Captain Swayze was awaiting his sweetheart at a local pub he frequented. This pub is now known as The Angel Inn. She had promised to meet him there and never arrived. They were to escape to safety together, but something must have prevented her from getting there. Captain Swayze had waited too long and the American's were already in town hunting down any British soildiers that remained. He knew he would be killed if caught and decided to run down and hide in the cellars. He chose to hide in one of the empty barrels in order to stay out of sight. When the American's entered the pub they searched everywhere and eventually ventured into the cellar. The full barrels were too heavy to move, and you can guess what happened next. One of the American's nudged the barrel Captain Swayze was hiding in and noticed a difference in weight. The American soldiers did not bother to open the barrel, they simply took out their swords and stabbed through the barrel, leaving Captain Swayze lifeless and bleeding on the cellar floor. 

After the American's had raided the town they burned it to the ground, thus leaving Captain Colin Swayze in his final resting place. The ashes of The Angel Inn and Captain Swayze are joined by the flames that took them down. The Inn was eventually rebuilt and still functions as a pub and hotel to this very day, but not without the occasional odd occurence. Staff at the Inn have mentioned hearing footsteps in the basement, especially near the cellar. The ghost of Captain Swayze is also said to throw things at the staff during closing hours. If you dare stay the night at the Inn, the Captain's room is where Captain Swayze lurks and watches through the window awaiting his sweetheart who will never arrive. 

I have been to the pub a few times over the years and can verify that the basement is unsettling. The ladies washroom is right next door to the old cellars and you might very well get the chills as you make your way down. It feels as though someone is trailing you, and yes there is the occasional sound of footsteps, and it's very difficult to find their source, but you tell yourself it must be the staff playing a prank, and somehow you believe it. 

Created: Mar 14, 2014


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