A short story about a short person

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if you’re small you should read this story it will give us small people a bit of glory

there once was a girl and she wasn’t very tall seriously she wasn’t tall at all she was very short for her age she was so small that she could fit in a small dog cage she hated being short she hated it a lot or that was atleast what she thought

she had all the problems that small people have she couldn’t reach the top shelf now isn’t that sad?

She was made fun of, because she was short she felt as she was stuck in a gigantic fort

People around her were oh so very tall especially the guy who’s name was Paul

People thought she was younger than she was she thought it was one of her many flaws

She wasn’t tall enough to get in the big rides she had to go on the small ones that made her want to go and hide

Her height made her very sad but don’t you worry being short isn’t that bad!

I should know cause I’m not tall but this isn’t a story about me no, not at all

This story is about all us short fries I’m serious! This story holds no lies

As I said, this isn’t a bad story As I said, this story will give us some glory 

As a short person you can’t get to the top shelf but so what? What’s the matter with some help?

As a short person you can’t go on all the rides yes I know how you feel you want to be wild but seriously what’s the matter of still being a child? 

As a short person people have to look down to see you uncomfortable I know it’s not very fun but when it comes to being sneaky that’s when you’ve won 

And if you’re in a fight with someone very tall being short is an advantage I can’t really explain this part doesn’t rhyme well that’s a shame

Being small doesn’t matter no need to become sadder

Now let me ask you something about this story did this give you any glory? 

Written by: A short person

Created: Mar 14, 2014

Tags: story, poetry

Yasmin Khodaii Document Media