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Worlds Within Worlds

By Metaphorest

Oft-time, when my contem-plates spin whirrish in my head
I goad this gawk out of her box & to the woods instead
Through leafen place I amble, seeking solace in the roofless
Truthful greenery of treesome, lonesome now and near and newness
All unraveled roaming I grow young again through seeing
Every cranny, nook and nub with wondering eyes abuzz with being
Where once was but a molehole, gapes a portal, tunnels teasing
At the wonderland within, a world both perilous and pleasing
Each tree I see is home to imps or nymphs, hobbits or hermits
Knock on wood, sir, thrice and you yourself will soonly learn it
Bow down soft soft and sneak a peek into the barken trunk
Oh, such fine sights you’ll see to sink the things you thought you thunk
Why there are homes for gnomes and forts for fairies - yes indeed!
And trails for silver snails that ferry fairy folk at speed
Cubby holes and hiding huts in weeping willow dens
Where make-believing takes me back into my way back when
I tiptoe past the tower where the princess sure is hidden
Dreaming happy ever afters for the fate that she’s been bidden
While the firth it froths and fizzes, tendrils stretching to the shore
In its depths swim secret selkies, kelpies, mermen, maids and more
And when the cloak of night descends, I find nothing to fear
No specters lurk in midnight murk, no monsters hunt me here
Instead the inky black unveils a sea of twinkling lights
Each one another world as well, each burns a beacon bright
Led along now by the moon, I revel in the chill
Of winter’s breath upon my face, the wonder in me still
That muses mingle with the mosses, grasses, ferns and bark
Each time I go among the trees, that place ignites a spark
And if you look, you’ll see it too, take stock and smell the roses
That line the path to the other world that lives beneath our noses


Worlds Within Worlds

Created: Mar 14, 2014

Tags: rhyme, poem, imagination, poetry

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