Perfect storm (back to front poem)

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‘Shut the hatch!’

They lurch like the ship beneath my feet

these words buried deep in the pit of my guts

I struggle for breath and what I think I might say if I knew the truth of this matter…

I find, to my dismay, that there is no time for sickness.

Wall of water rising high enough to tilt my chin

Higher than when I used to track my kite

As a boy, the wind so much bigger than me.

The rain lashing so hard now everything I see is horizontal.

Someone slams my shoulder hard and gestures.

I stagger.

The vertical comes careening into focus.

Up the mast, tie it all off.

Back down again and the swells are dizzying

Still I turn on a heel.

Keep turning but then it’s beyond control.

Matching this chaos would be a feat.

All I see is the froth and the future becomes a wash

All I see is the fear and the fear comes across as froth

Spit from a dirty mouth.

And suddenly, it’s fucking mortal out here.

An eternity of indeterminate adjustments ensues

All the hands on deck and those in the know.

Some midway message I can’t decipher.

Eventually, the clouds shred themselves a bit.

A clear shot through.

And I see what it was meant to be…

A net full of fish.

Pocket full of dollars

The promise of a living -

I’m just trying to survive.

When the sun shines,

With all the beauty of life, sucked in on the salty air

Minus all the loss and heartache I might know

Hanging in some foreign balance

And I try to remember that I am human

While the slurry of guts runs rank down the decks

The sheen makes it seem something beautiful…

Reminds me,

To open the hatch and step into the light,

Created: Mar 14, 2014


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