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I just wanna lay in the park with you

sitting in the sun

just listening music

all day long

or make it

see the wild flowers

and the willows who are not mourning anymore

because it's a spring that feels like summer

and I will never have to call the plumber again

because you know how to fix it

this jammed and stuffed-up heart of mine

your tickling and teasing makes me sneeze out all this old shit

that has piled up there ever since

since that last winter

when I almost lost my hope

my faith in mankind

was at risk

I take brisk walks in the parks and and bicycle tours,

now that I know you

my insides, my music, my mind

"please like and share" and care!

I know it's not that kind to hijack strangers with stuff like that

but I cannot stop

my synapses associate everything I do with you

If I'm in the thrift shop, see on-horseback cops or cleaning my room with a dust mob


Breathe, keep grounded, stay real.

You always knew that it was easy to steal

your heart

I say to myself

but still...

it doesn't help - not at all

this spring makes me fall so madly in love - I cannot help but smile

man overboard

Alles klar zum Entern?

und ich schwimme im Kielwasser, pruste und schnaufe

und stelle fest: das Wasser ist gar nicht so kalt!

Angenehm warm sogar

es ist Frühling, fast Sommer


Donnerwetter, was fühle ich mich gut

und mir fehlt nicht der Mut

aber dir vielleicht

und deshalb gebe ich dir Zeit und warte

bis du den knoop zelf doorhakst

so lange will ich mit dir in der Morgensonne on the dock of the bay sitzen

und die Schiffe vorbei fahr'n seh'n!

Created: Mar 13, 2014

Tags: sitting on the dock of the bay, you, german, spring, love, love letter, music

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