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I bought a new bicycle

because popsickle time is coming

and I feel so fine when I can

cruise through these streets

And it's too bad that you don't like pork chops because today

I swear, I cooked the best meal I ever cooked

and I'm sure it was just that good

because I was singing along every song that was on - thinking of you

but I like lamb better anyway

dead and alive

and I know this is a paradox and I know I should care more

and don't be so selfish

the one who counts all these „I“'s in this text and writes me the number first

will get a price, myself promises!

There stands my new bicycle


but it doesn't even queek and rattle

maybe only a bit

it's quite young for its age

and for God's sake: I love it!

The wheels are bigger

I have far more space to handle where I wanna go

so far

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

No I can't I was just kidding

if you knew me you would know

I'm sitting in the sattle like a queen

and it feels like today I have eindelijk seen how beautiful this city is!

when I cycle to the koor I feel

like the prince on the white horse

riding day and night to save his maid out of this fucking tower

I cycle though Othellopad, Nabuccostraat, along Figaropad

along the Operaweg, Orpheuspad, Tristanpad

Are we Euridyce and Orpheus, Bonny and Clyde or Tristan and Isolde?

Mama, Papa I'm in love

and it feels like youg and sweet

a young athlete running the 100-m sprint in the olympic arena for the first time

can you imagine how fucking nervous he was?

Papageno -Papagena

It's been a while for me that I felt such a director of my life

altough I know that I am just the actor

but I dont feel like the pheasant plucker's wife

who waits until he homes to get her

more like the amateur chess player

who sacrifices the cijfer of the university paper like a peasant

to a stunningly beautiful weekend

and knows that it was worth it!

I feel like stoned

flushed from all this happiness

What a beautiful mess

And with my new shoes on, suddenly everything's right!

I cycle home at night, you by my side, from my second home

from my cozy cove back to the bird's nest

where I was kicked out of and forced to learn to fly

but it was worth the shock because now I can - fly

Und ich halte den Moment fest indem ich all dieses Glück zusammen mit den

Klatschmohnsamen in meinen Balkonkübeln vergrabe und warte bis die Blumen blühn

Aber jeder weiß dass das nicht geht, Momente festhalten

na klar, weil sich die Erde dreht und jede Sekunde ist neu

aber ich

ich habe eine neue Sonne gefunden

um die ich kreisen will.

Die ist manchmal still und ich zu laut,

befürchte ich

aber totzdem schön

warmes licht gibt sie

und ich sitze im T-shirt auf dem Balkon und schwitze, im März

kein scherz, das war wirklich so, gestern. Und heute.

Ich hoffe ich kann das gleiche von morgen, übermorgen, und überübermorgen sagen...

Created: Mar 13, 2014

Tags: in love, love, popsickle time, bicycle, german, english, papageno, spring

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