Go Go Go!

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I live in a Go Go Go community. 


"GO" is constantly in my minds eye. 

I can't imagine what it would be like to not... Go...

My name is James and I'm a Go addict. 

All I ever hear from the people around me is, "Go, Go, Go!" 

Whether they are cheering me on, or silently expecting me to simply move forward. 

I can't escape this word. GO.

I often find myself begging the word "Go," to go away. 

Even though all I can do is go, all I really want to do is pause. 

But I'm haunted by all the Go Go Go I'll miss out on if I were to take a moment to stop. 

I ask myself questions like, "If you don't Go, you won't get to where you're going." 

I know where I want to be, and it will take "going" to get there, but how fast do I need to Go?

What Go requirments are on me? 

Maybe if I paused for a moment, I would find clarity on how to "Go."

Created: Mar 13, 2014

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