"Go" 10mwc

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he walks with a hole in the heel of his sock,
strolling bleak block as wives recite psalms,
fresh from white monitors
that stitch to their palms

his spine is a small spire of dimes in their eyes,
and they make him wish
the world would set fire
so to see how they'd scurry
and beg to survive

the factory has been shut down
for some time now,
inerds caked in dust and outsides
soaked by the rain of this dreary shit town

so on a streetside bench
he watches raindrops slide
along the antique shop tent,
falling to air
and down gutters like glass
and he remembers

this pavement turns to blue grass,
first by road
and loosened stone,
and it's all too near to afford time's pass,
for there is just
a few blocks to go

Created: Mar 13, 2014

Tags: poetry, free-verse

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