A letter from Henry Adam Woods to Emily Woods neé Johnson

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My Dearest Emily,

As I write this, I take careful note that it has been twenty years since I had last seen you, which at that point in time, had been nearly five years since you had broken off our engagement. However, despite my disappointment, I must admit, that I was happy to see you so content as the wife of my dear brother, James. I'm glad to know that the Woods family will go on, and so I must thank you for your contribution. 

However, I must let you know of the true purpose of this letter. I do not write out of any love, but out of obligation. I am on my deathbed, Emily, despite the best work of the best doctors that the Woods family fortune could afford. The doctors have confirmed this, and have advised me to make amends with the people I may have wronged in life, and to renew connections with those whose ties I may have frayed over the years. 

As such, I write to you to inform you, Emily, of my intent to leave my fortune to your youngest, Joshua. After my death (which the doctors assure me will be well before the year's end), my assets will be moved to a trust in Joshua's name, for the few months before his twentieth birthday. I also write to you, as well as to James, to apologise for the many things you have accused me of, be they true or not. 


Your beloved brother-in-law,


P.S. I heard about Amelia's wedding. I apologise for not being able to attend as I had already been hospitalised. Still, I wish my niece the best, and, Emily, I do hope that you had lost the weight before the day. 

Created: Mar 13, 2014

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