A little morning thought

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When people don't understand something, shouldn't they just stop and look, instead of risking misunderstanding it forever? Just holding one uhshakable view of anything keeps you from every other way of seeing it, does it not?

Can you see yourself as a dying being with no set purpose, and the only things which may ever mean something to you will be the very things which you yourself gave meaning to, and in a flash, can mean nothing? :O ..I think i make people depressed. Like putting a price tag on a shirt. Changing the price tag changes it worth. O:

A Reality, unwarped by human emotions/etc. The ability to see something for its purest self, void of any interference. oh sweet sweetlinesses.

Created: Mar 13, 2014

Tags: much confuse, doubt, ask, such hard, wow, life, get depressed, thought, understand, sucka, idea, think, question

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