there's nothing left to talk about

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B: "I almost want to reach into the water and touch that."

A: "Touch what? The rock? So touch i--"

B: "No, not the rock, you idiot. The furry green stuff"

A: "The algae? Is it algae?"

B: "I think it's seaweed... It looks so soft."

A: "So touch it, what's your problem?"

B: "Can't we just have a conversation?"

A: "You call THIS a conversation?! We're talking about some green slimy shit in the ocean!"

B: "And YET you can't even keep up!"

A: "Keep up?! I said touch it! Just fucking touch it and be done with it! What's there to discuss?!"

B: "That thing is disgusting, I'm not touching it - YOU touch it!"

A: "You're the one who--! AH!"

B: "I just wanted to make conversation."

A: "You can't just manufacture conversation - you have to mean it."

B: "Fine. This is dumb - I mean it. Let's just go."

A: "Why'd you wanna come here anyways?"

B: "I don't know. I don't know why we're here anymore. I don't know at all."

Created: Mar 13, 2014


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