Inanimate Song: Challenge Me 2014 from IsaacLastname

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IsaacLastname challenged me to write a song that is from the perspective of an inanimate object. I've admittedly put it off because it certainly is a challenge. But here we go! 

I tried this from the perspective of a cigarette, or a joint I suppose, to the smoker. I'm not sure how it translated, good luck!


Darling, you've got to give up on me

accept that our love just isn't meant to be

I feel like you're just using me

to get your high, but it's not free

the toll is on me. 


Darling, as much as I love your kiss,

it's not the first thing that I will miss, 

because when I nestle into your smile

I know I'll be burnt out 

Before it's even worth my while

So although I love you, 

there's nothing we can do. 

Loving you is killing me, 

and it's killing you,

just wait and see.

So put out the lighter

There's nothing left to ignite here

There's nothing left of me

You're holding onto traces of what I used to be. 


Darling, it won't be easy. 

Every moment, you'll miss me. 

I've been the air you've breathed for so long,

you say you need me to make you strong

but we know that isn't true

all along, it's just been you. 




Darling, put out our love tonight

There's nothing left to ignite

I'm nothing but an ember

I'll leave a sharp burn 

so you will remember:

Our love just couldn't be

You're so much better without me. 



Created: Mar 13, 2014

Tags: lyrics

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