a sad bit of lovely

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she sighs as the rain in her head falls out her windows.
deep desire retires within her,
retreating light, darkness an ever growing vice grip.
she is alone.
ragged breath
a jagged reminder every few seconds,
she wraps her span against
the gentle tremble
she feels throughout the coiled length
of her body,
vibrating just beneath the surface of her skin.

the thoughts within her swirl and tilt,
bend her gaze to the corner sill
where the wet gets in
and moves her.

there is solace in the rain.

a liquid sheet she takes to bed,
slides between the fluid fibers,
tinctured tonic.

she lies in her quiescent magnitude,
sweet nothings adrift,
deep, deep
under a volatile world.

an ease of memory pervades the wilting goldenrod in her chest,
at rest and restless,
life anew
into her...
so it passes.

too soon must come inevitable combustion,
disrupting her silent universe,
but now only ink-black peace.
existing for no one.
for once.

Created: Mar 13, 2014

Tags: poetry, one of those days, lovely, sad, imagery, restlessness, bit, solace

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