HA Wood to BQ Wellington, Esq.

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Bradsworth Q. Wellington, Esq.

It has been many years since we last spoke, but now, as I lie on my deathbed, I want nothing more than to inform you that I have not forgotten your late father and still think of him fondly.

He was the first of many partners with whom I have done business, and though that venture ended rather poorly for your family, I know that you were all pleased that the outcome was so remarkably favorable to me. My continued success was, in no small part, a result of the hard work your father poured into that endeavor. Had my missteps, however few and inconsequential, not been hidden behind his utter bureaucratic ineptitude, he may have been properly credited for his work, and it easily could’ve been I who succumbed to drink and my own heirs buried in debt. A most amusing notion!

It is with the utmost gratitude that I have taken upon myself, on behalf of your father, the location and compensation of the creditors you have spent so many years distancing yourselves from, even those who had long since abandoned efforts to collect. As you can see on the enclosed statement, the the amount due after so many years was a considerable sum.

On the aforementioned statement you will also find an updated schedule of payments, the first of which is due to my estate in short order. Note also the interest rate which, while somewhat higher than you may have seen previously, is comparable to what is presently offered to other debtors of such poor financial reputation.

I rarely take on such risks, but my thanks to your father is so heartfelt that I felt an exceedingly generous action was in order. I believe he would be deeply touched, as well as relieved, that his family must hide no longer from the agents of so many lenders, but need only deal directly with a single trusted institution.

Your faithful friend and associate, in life and soon also in death,

Henry Adam Wood

Created: Mar 12, 2014


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