Hear Me Roar

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So, what happens when you’ve hit rock bottom? When you’re so absolutely low on the totem pole that you’re actually cutting into the ground? That’s when you pick yourself back up again. You get back up on the horse. You turn your life back around, because no matter what, only you yourself can do it. We all have our issues, we all have our problems. At the end of the day, we are all so the same yet so very different. We all try to satisfy that need to be the best, to constantly improve, to make someone proud, or to be as close to perfection as physically possible. Normally, I would ask why? Why do you need to be so far away from flawed? What’s wrong with a little chub here and there, what’s wrong with not having a four point zero GPA, and what’s so wrong with not being number one? And then it clicked. What’s wrong with me? Since when did I become this woman who thought she didn’t have to work for anything. This woman who thought just because she had it hard she didn’t have to get back up on that horse and work till her fingers bled. That woman is somewhere in me, somewhere deep down and I’ve got to try anything and everything to get her back. I’ve got to keep trying before she’s fully gone. Because once she’s gone, I don’t see how she can ever find her way back. It seems like she’s been buried for so long, kept out of the light by this cloak of darkness. Some say it wasn't my fault , well I don’t accept that for one second. I accept the fact that I have allowed self pity to overcome my life. To take over with vengeance and in its war path it leaves me bare. It leaves me with nothing but the skin on my back. It takes the song in my heart, and the good from my soul. But no more. I can no longer allow this dark prince to control my happiness, to control my one life that I was given. I am here for a reason. I was given life purposely. I am back now, with the same vengeance, and in my war path I leave you speechless. As you look towards me from the past, you see no pity. You see no sadness. You see no grief. You see no worries. You see me. I am woman, hear me roar.

Created: Mar 12, 2014

Tags: just a thought...

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