Henry Adam Wood- a little bitter

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Mrs. Karen Edgington-

Forgive the brevity of this letter, however I’ve been told my time is short, and while I’m skeptical of that prognosis should it be accurate I do not wish to devote any significant amount of it addressing you.

“Why then write at all?” you ask.

Simple- because I do not wish there to be any uncertainty, when I am gone, as to how I felt about you. It is true that when seeing you in a public I’ve maintained a civil manner. Let me reveal to you now: it is merely a façade blanketing a desire to lustily serenade you in insult.

You may rationalize this attitude any way you like but having spent the better part of the last two decades in your orbit, intimately or otherwise, I feel I should be rewarded for such tolerance. I find your thoughts a testament to the inane, paralleled only by the incompetence in which you attempt to convey them. Your presence alone is like the summoning of frost on a spring day.

How I now wish I could retrieve the time we have spent and undo it.

But, as I prepare to meet my fate, grim as it may be, I still somehow find it more comforting than yours- having to go through the rest of this life, with yourself.

Quite Sincerely,
Henry Adam Wood

P.S. – I’ve left an account, in your name, at the First Savings Bank with the sum of two-thousand dollars in it, as I am certain you can use it. However, as per my instructions, you may only withdraw a sum of one-dollar every week. May you think of my smiling face with ever trip to the bank.

Created: Mar 12, 2014


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