Letter To Mr Browning from Mr H.A.Wood

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Mr Thomas Browning


am writing you this letter to inform you my time on this earth will soon come
to an end. For this only reason I shall tell you that it was I who ruined your
opportunity of bringing your fantasy of opening your very own investment
company to a halt.


reason I had done this was show you that all men’s dreams must stay as dreams
and to show you that this lifetime will only show miseries upon you due to your
heritage. Only men from great heritage and stature can achieve their goals.


you told me about you’re so called brilliant idea even though I said I had
wishful hope for your plan in secret I wanted you to be brought to your knees
and in tears, knowing you would be my only competitor in achieving total
dominance in the finance business.


 I achieved this by spreading several rumours
across the city saying that you would just steal your client’s money as well as
corrupt people to get your way.


 I have no remorse for what I have done to you
or to your future as an investment broker and only see you as a thorn in my
side which I have successfully clipped away for good making you no longer a
threat to me or my livelihood back then.


when I received news from my doctor that I was soon to die I knew now was time
to finish off any unfinished business I had, however when I recalled todays
newspaper that you after 15 years at of my mind having finally achieved your
broker status thought to write to you explaining why you never achieved it
sooner than later, also to say that I have always despised you as a business
man as well as a former neighbour.


I had more time and finance I would have ruined you all over again just for the
fun of it and see you suffer.


this I bid you farewell knowing that even though I will be gone soon I would
have the last laugh




A. Wood



Created: Mar 12, 2014


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