A Final Proposal

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This is my final letter to you. I know you do not wish to speak to me or for that matter see me. When I visited last holiday I was surprised that you refused my presence. Holly and I are fine. She is starting school this fall and continues to ask about you and why I call you Henry. When Meredith, your old secretary if you have forgotten, told me that you were stricken ill, I was immediately remorseful that I thought you did not want to see me. I did not realize that it was because you did not want me to see the state that you are currently in, right now. Many of your previous workers affront you grossly and it still upsets me. I no longer step in to defend you partly because those men are much stronger than me and would not have a problem striking me now and partly because they stop any mentioning of you when they see me. They know the power I have and how I can influence you and how you protect me. Many people strongly dislike you. I know you are kind and I know you are gentle. Yes, you have a short temper and a scheming mind but that has never been used against me except for that one time when I was 11 of which we shan't recall that moment. You always solved my problems and even in the most unconvential ways too. You are as warm as a patriot to our country and a rousing risibility. Mauger everyone's beliefs you were always very caring of me when you had the time outside of the office. Always making sure that I had the things I needed and wanted and that I had all of the greatest opportunities. Traveling around and going to good schools, I owe my success to you. I do think that you should make a point to visit Holly and me since Jonathan is not around. He is currently in the war. I think Holly could benefit greatly from you and your knowledge. Please let me visit and help you during your last few days. Please get to know Holly while you can. jonathan said that he might be able to visit with us since his Lieutenant said he could if he did well in the fronts. If these are my final connections to you then I will leave you with this: Do not, under any circumstances believe that you are a horrid man. To me you were the world and the most important thing in my life since the passing of Emily. Those people in town do not know the true Henry Adam Wood as I do. I will always love you. Dearest father please stay strong in these weak days.

Your daughter,


P.S. I still think it is strange to call you father since you have always insited on Henry. Our relationship was always so professional except for that time you became enraged when I kept asking about Emily and how you two fell in love and what the day was like when she died because of me. I am not mad at you for hitting me that day. I know that it was a hard thing for me to prod you about. Holly either calls you Henry or grandsire. If you let us visit then be sure to tell us what we should name you. Again, try to stay well. Love you as always.



Created: Mar 12, 2014


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