Did you know?

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Did you know that where you were born the water goes down the plughole in the other direction?

I don’t suppose you do know because you’re still rather small.

And also, why would you have noticed?


Did you know that you were born somewhere with no reason to fear spiders?

That although ugly their bites would cause no harm

And also that you were born to a land with no koalas?


Did you know that the sun didn’t feel as much heat where you were born?

That people wore wetsuits to go in the sea

And beaches were more often walked down than lay upon?


I hope that this you do know

And that now you’re there you know to play in the sand

And feel your feet in the sea


Did you know that where you were born people barbequed only in the summer?

And in winter where you were born snow fell and lakes froze?

You’ve seen snow before, did you know?


Did you know that where you were born there’s no eucalyptus or kangaroos?

What we do have is squirrels, badgers and bulldogs

And a lot of cold rain


Did you know that you’ve been to the queens house?

Have you noticed that the Queen makes you seem nearer?

Because even with the distance our Queen is your Queen

We can both call her ‘The Queen’


Did you know that when you were born Mummy was more worried about losing your woolly hat than wearing sunscreen?

It was so cold where you were born that Mummy couldn’t feel her fingers

And Daddy always wore jeans


I bet you didn’t know that where you were born people ate yogurt and pasta

That yoagurt and parsta were not spoken of

And people asked how you were, not how you were going?


Did you know you lived your first year in a country the whole world was looking at?

You probably don’t remember the Jubilee or Olympics

But you were here whilst the world was watching


There’s a lot of things you might not know

But one day you’ll realise perhaps you did know

For just because you’re upside down now

We’re still here

And we hold your memories of the land where you were born


But meanwhile whilst you’re there

We’ll be loving you

Which is really no different all the way over there

Than it is here, where you were born

Created: Mar 11, 2014

Tags: poetry

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