Free the Hungry Ghost

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I look...afraid to move. I feel...its pangs of desire.

It sees...through no eyes. It feels...with no skin. It hears...without sound.

I breathe...a slow...drawn...out...breath, to still my heaving chest.

I am aware.

It's mouth consumes all that sparkles with a speck of distraction, a moment of satisfaction. It knows no boundaries when surrounded by circumstantial beauty.

If I falter from my will, I shall be devoured by the hungry ghost.

Residing within.

The consumer, the enjoyer, the destroyer.

Starvation promotes desire creates strength produces will. the yearning to free the appetite of the hungry ghost.


Created: Mar 11, 2014

Tags: soul, deep thoughts, free writing, ghost, spiritual, darkness, hunger, philosophical, spirit, poem, light, stroy, poetry

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