The Statue (Shonam challenge)

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Shonam challenged me to write a chilling story to my own photo... Thanks for the challenge! 



He was a visionary. His dreams would turn into plans, which would turn into creations and, in the end of the process, each dream would eventually change the world by a bit. While he dreamt he always threw darts at a board across the room, so the dreams would always stay attached to it, or otherwise they would fleet and vanish. 
One day a fine woman knocked on his door and asked for shelter. She had heard of his dreams and was interested in them.
'How do they come to you?'
she asked. 'Do you call them, do they come on their own?'
'They visit me every night, and every time i wake up i see a dart on my desk.'
he replied. 'I have to throw the dart at the board so i wouldn't forget the dream i had' he added.
'Well why don't you just write it down with a pen?' she asked.
'I can't, nor can i say it to anyone before i throw the dart.' he replied.
'And the board, where did you get it?' she asked.
'The night i had my first dream my mother died' he answered. 'I found her body riveted to the door of her room. That night, a voice in my dream said to me that i shall carve a board out of the door and throw darts at it every morning from that point on.'
'Dear god, that's awful...' 
said she.
So they ate, drank, and spoke until late hours and went to sleep.
The next morning he woke up only to find the woman and the board gone. He searched for them throughout the village and beyond, but no signs of them did he ever find. Devastating turmoil occupied his mind, as he knew not what to do! At first he tried to throw the dart at some other wooden surface, but it wouldn't stick into any. He felt the dream slowly fading away as he started crying, but then he came up with an idea. He carved the dream onto his skin. After a few days and a few dreams carved onto his skin, he fell asleep exhausted and bled to death.

Somewhere far from there, a woman slept in her room, dreaming about a man carving his dreams onto her skin. From that night on, every night she dreamt him, and every day she would wake up with new scars that won't heal. After a few days of excruciating pain she burned the dartboard and gave money so a statue can be built in the center of her city. The statue was faced toward the small village whence the woman brought the cursed board. Even today it is said that you can see the statue throwing darts in the dawn...

Created: Mar 11, 2014


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