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I've already started a collaboration for this idea here, so you can see what has already been contributed, but here is the idea:

Back when I first joined the hitrecord community in 2010, I was inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's quote "Open communication is at the heart of human progress." I wanted to create something that would represent just how much this community supports JGL's statement; I wanted to show how hitrecord is the catalyst for global collaborative creativity. I'm not sure why I never started a collaboration when I came up with this idea, regardless, here is my initial concept for the project:

-This can be used as either an informational trailer for hitrecord or an intro piece, depending on what audio clips are used.

-Begin with a backdrop of NYC and place a REC dot in the heart of the city. Zoom out from NYC to reveal a map of the U.S.A. Place REC dots at L.A., Park City, Austin, and then continue to spread them throughout the States. Continue zooming out so that the map curves and becomes a globe. As the globe spins, REC dots continue to spread - symbolizing the open collaboration and fact that hitrecord is an organization which thrives from the work of contributors from around the world. Eventually the continents will glow red, as well as the outline of the globe, and the words hitRECord will curve on top and Org will curve underneath.

-As the REC dots are filling the globe, audio of "Are we RECording?" in different languages plays. When the hitRECord and Org come on screen, JGL's "Are we RECording?" will be the final voice.

-Optionally, we could add key phrases from Regularity or other videos which describe the organization.

I'm open to suggestions! I skimmed the site to see if anyone else has started a similar project and didn't see any, but please let me know if there is one that exists already.

Created: Mar 10, 2014

Tags: global, photography, collaboration, video, animation, request

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