Myth Cwayon Lithping Thpawkle Whino With Magic Colwor Poof! (wm)

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Creative Toolbox ~ Paint,,

Source Inspiration ~ The Myth Maker by coletop10 ~ Thank you ~ :o)##


Music for Contemplation

Piano song 2 by ChrissyRegler

Piano song by ChrissyRegler ~ Thank You ~ :O)## ( I wish someone would do a short ballet film to this music about a child and rhino if there are any wish granters out there because I am suffering from old grief today. )


Wefewence Section (Wove a Whino today!)

* (because Once Upon a time I had a lisp or two and Whino's are Beautiful and Thpawkle ones are very Ware indeed)

 " Write Fairytale story about a boy with a lisp Th's and R's and a Magic Rhino that sparkles (invisible pooka friend)."

Created: Mar 10, 2014


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