callused feet

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A/N: because some poems just itch for responses. so i hope this suffices.

you always leave
slipping into the darkness.
when will you learn,
i'd rather your storm than
any bright day?

you think that when you go
that you leave no trace.
but the crows follow you,
cawing to me. my black
angels leave a trail of
sound, bright through
day or night, calling
me back, back to you,
to once more wrap
round your bones.

a thousand years and
a million faces, each time
i see your hands,
itching to hold me.
sometimes i'm strong enough
to kiss you, praying for
stone to yield.

stay a moment and see
my feet full of
yellowed calluses.
i was never graceful chasing
your darkness,
never hoping for light,
nor a man of nimble feet.

i'm only a woman
yearning for the sea,
for something heavier
than the fickle wind.

Created: Mar 10, 2014

Tags: want, fiction, sea, poetry, graceless, remix, relationships, free-verse, storm, crows, woman, light, wanting, female pov, response, desire, longing

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