Their Song

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Their Song


It's so strange how this proves we are all the same

they don't know you

you don't know them

yet here they are hitting the nail on the head

we're all here to make each other happy, face it , we all know what being sad feels like

yet here they are with the strings on their fingers

they take us back to what we once forgot

is it fair to make us see what we've never seen

to make us feel what we've never felt

all this deep sea diving and swimming too hard

whispering the truth in your sleep

holding so many hearts in your hand

and unable to think further than the reflection

don't worry the damage is done and that's why we're here

who are we to affect the emotions of another

learn to control your thoughts

and suddenly this place seems a little brighter

learn to do it all

think about the emotions people go through

and why they go through them

consider yourself a fighter

learn to protect yourself

learn to forget yourself

it wont be easy at first but its something youll prefer in the end

all they crave is a reaction and that's something you and i frown upon

that was then and this is now

don't stop there, your life has just begun.

Created: Mar 10, 2014

Tags: lyrics, poetry, story

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