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Has anyone considered licensing the music from hitRECord for film and tv?  It could be a. great to get the hitRECord name out there (because when people are watching a TV show, and a song comes on that perks their ears, they instantly use shazam/soundhound and buy it.) and b. it's an easy way to make $$ so that hitRECord can keep doing the awesome things it does. :)

Additionally, I'd love to see featured collaborations like 'stock footage', 'backgrounds and textures', 'characters', 'audio loops/instrumentals', and 'Songs for TV and Film' on the homepage, front and center all the time, so that it's easy to find usable material for projects without having to search via tags, because that has proved to be difficult, as not everyone tags their work.

I think it would be really cool to find a better way to 'commission' people to do work your project needs.  I like what Wunderboy has done with the sketch comedy collab (I keep coming back to this one...because it's a great idea), where the portrait of each comedian is in the album, so you can write a sketch and tag the actors you want to 'cast'. I'd love to try to find a way to do this with the other art forms on the site -- there are people on the site known for being stellar at doing certain work, so if your project needs something & you're worried about how few people might see your request, you can ask a specific person or people via easier way that just posting a comment on their portrait.  Maybe you could even have a tab on the person's profile that says -- what the person specializes in/reel/portfolio & if they are open to taking on specific requests.  Then you could go to your page & see that you have 2 requests for videogame music, or vocals, or whatever. I just know at this juncture, I don't really feel comfortable asking people to be part of something I've done, for fear that it's not good enough or worthy or whatever.  But if I can ask people whose aesthetic I trust and want to see what they would specifically do with my project, simply by pressing a button under their page, that'd be cool.  It's like Gaby's challenge collab, but all the time, and not a challenge but a request geared towards one person who is being recognized for being amazing at what they specialize in.


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Created: Mar 10, 2014

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