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Ever got lost in your own mind for a bit? What do you wonder about? 

Personally, I have a knack for wondering what the other mes in the multiverse have been up to. I bounce from world to world in my head, taking a sneak peak of the different routes I could have taken based on decisions which I can remember clearly.


A couple kisses I should have followed through on. A couple rash decisions which could have turned out differently. Or simple, mundane decisions such where to sit in class or even a deviation from my lunchtime routine.


I am happy with my life, and I certainly hope that the alternate me's are happy with theirs. Sure I will always wonder what if I kissed Dani or even Kat. But if either of those kisses happened  the three years with Teagan and the subsequent four plus years with Bella would not have existed. But that nagging feeling of what if persists and an alternate me has the answer to that question, and Id love to learn what he knows.

If I were a bit more patient, Id prob be at Cal Poly and not UWI. Or Id be working at a big oil company instead of suffering(because there isnt a more applicable verb for grad school) at grad school. Heck, I could have stayed in Long Beach building robots while taking extra courses instead of coming home. But UWI is my home and I am comfotable. Hopefully that alternate me is fine whereever he is.

Also, If I had sat anywhere else during university or even secondary school, my social group would be pretty different to what it is now. As much as people dont like to define cliqs, my cliq of underachieving yet brilliant friends is where id want to be. BUt who knows, there is prob a me who didnt twist his ankle the day of football tryouts and is a much better goalkeeper than I am now.

But the most pondering I have, happens with a couple fateful days, week four of university, I blow off Engineering Math to lime in the coffee shop, and you walk in, and I am certainly glad you walk in! There is not a day im ungrateful for missing whatever was taught that day, cause you were worth it. Getting introduced to you, and subsequently getting to know you from that point on has been an adventure, and I hope that the alternate me's are jealous of my fateful encounter with you.

Created: Mar 10, 2014

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